Keynote speakers

Uta Schönberg

Uta Schönberg is Professor of Economics at University College London.

Her research interests are in Applied Microeconomics, in particular Labor Economics. The topics she is currently working on include:

  • The labour market impacts of minimum wages​
  • The horizontal and vertical transmission of gender norms
  • The effects of mass layoffs on regional activity and the workers in these regions​

She is currently a Joint Managing Editor at the Review of Economic Studies.

Jérôme Adda

Jérôme Adda is Professor of Economics at the Bocconi University.

Previously, he was Professor of Economics at the European University Institute in Florence and Professor of Economics at the University College in London. He is

  • Joint Managing Editor of the Review of Economic Studies
  • CEPR Research Fellow
  • IGIER Research Fellow
  • Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • International Research Fellow
  • IZA Research Fellow

His research areas include Labour economics, Health economics and Macroeconomics.