The lead investigator of this project is dr. Maarten Van Ginderachter (Centre for Political history, Antwerp University).

The project is co-ordinated by a research network of the following institutions and scholars:

  • Chair in Nationalism and Ethnicity, Department of Government, LSE, London
    John Breuilly and John Hutchinson
  • Institut für soziale Bewegungen (ISB), Bochum-Germany
    Stefan Berger and Christian Wicke
  • Nationalism Studies Program, Central European University, Budapest-Hungary
    Maria Kovacs
  • MSc in Nationalism Studies, University of Edinburg
    James Kennedy
  • Chair of Modern European History (19th and 20th Century), Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
    Xosé-Manoel Núñez
  • Dipartimento di Storia Culture e Civiltà, Bologna University
    Ilaria Porciani
  • Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Science (ISISS RAS), Moscow
    Alexey Miller
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University Prague
    Miroslav Hroch
  • School of Cultural Sciences, Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö-Sweden
    Peter Aronsson
  • Dept. of History, Universität Salzburg
    Laurence Cole
  • Centre for Advanced Study Sofia
    Diana Mishkova
  • Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe
    Peter Haslinger
  • Social history since 1750, Ghent university
    Bruno De Wever and Antoon Vrints
  • NISE – National movements and Intermediary Structures in Europe, Antwerp
    Luc Boeva
  • Cultural History since 1750, Leuven University
    Tom Verschaffel and Jo Tollebeek
  • Leuven International and European Studies (LINES Institute), Leuven University
    Peter Vermeersch
  • Federalism, nationalism and political communication, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Dave Sinardet

This project is coordinated by the POHIS-Centre for political history of Antwerp University and funded by the ‘International Scientific Research’ program of the Research Foundation of Flanders.