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Proposals are invited in the following formats:

  • Individual paper (max. 250-word abstract);
  • Themed session (3 themed papers, max. 250-word session rationale plus 250-word abstract per paper);
  • Roundtable (max. 6 speakers plus one convener, max. 750-word abstract including rationale).

Abstracts (only in English) should be provided in a Word file and should include a paper/session/roundtable title.
Should you consider a lecture-recital or presentation with a performance component, please describe so clearly in your abstract.
All papers will be slotted for 20 min. + 10 min. Q&A.

Please do not include any personal details (e.g. name, reference to own work) in your abstract so as to insure a blind reviewing process.

Biosketches should be uploaded separately (max. 100 words per speaker, in a Word file).

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