The main venue for the conference is Hof van Liere, which lies centrally on the University of Antwerp's Stadscampus, the main campus located in the city centre.

The Stadscampus can be reached in a variety of ways, in particular via public transport or by foot/bike. By car is an option as well, but given the many roadworks taking place in the city, high parking rates, and the city's Low Emmision Zone (LEZ), we do not recommend this option. All relevant information on how to reach to Stadscampus can be found via this site.

Antwerp can be easily reached by:

  • train (e.g. local trains, international such as Thalys) -> train station "Antwerpen Centraal," this is a 15-minute walk to Hof van Liere.
  • bus (e.g. Flixbus) -> this bus service arrive/depart at/from the Astridplein, this is a 15-minute walk to Hof van Liere.
  • car (north and south via E19, east via E313/E34, west via E17/E34).

Belgium can be easily reached by:

  • public transport such as bus (e.g., Flixbus) and train (e.g., Thalys) from many major European cities.
  • air: the national airport is "Brussels International Airport" (beware, this is not the same as Brussels South!). Many major airlines fly to/from this airport, often direct or via one connection with nearby airports such as London Heathrow, Amsterdam-Schiphol, Frankfurt, or Paris Charles de Gaulle. From the airport, direct bus (Airport Express) and train (Belgian Railways) connections to Antwerp are provided.

Be sure to check the above and many other travel options via this site.

In due time, directions to the other conference locations (i.e., opening reception and conference diner/concert) will be added as well. These are all within the city's limits and can easily be reached via public transport (from Hof van Liere).