The conference title and themes

The conference title echoes Alison Diduck’s book title Law’s Families (Cambridge University Press, 2003), in which she addresses the tension between the conception of the family in family law and policy, and how we actually do family in our daily lives. The conference will explore and critically examine who the law’s families are and what role family law plays and should play.

The conference is intended to be inclusive, extending to a diverse range of topics and methods. Panels will be clustered alongside their topic (partners; parents & children; the extended family) or method (international and comparative approaches; interdisciplinary approaches; and approaches pertaining to conflict handling).

As the 18th World Conference also marks the ISFL Golden Jubilee, a Jubilee stream will cover the past and future of family law. Contributions to the Golden Jubilee stream are based on the 2023 and 2024 Surveys of International Family Law.

Paper proposals

Participants are welcome to propose individual presentations or collective panels. Among other themes, panels may cover – but are not limited to – legal aspects of reproduction, (minor and adult) siblings, migration, and juvenile law.
The conference is held on-site in Antwerp and in English; proposals for limited French or Dutch panels are also welcome.


Proposals should be submitted no later than 16 December, 2022 via this link or by email to

The proposals should include the proposed title, an abstract of no more than 300 words and the participant’s name, function and affiliation. It is strongly encouraged, but not required, to indicate the theme and method as mentioned above. If the proposal is for a panel, it should also include the name and affiliation of all of the proposed participants.