Panel discussion

Strenghtening the ties between research, policy and practice in order to increase impact

There is an important relationship between educational research, educational policy and educational practice in every country. Policy provides the environment and the legal basis for the growth and development of educational practice, and educational research provides reliable arguments and solid evidence that may guide practice and policy. The interplay between policy, practice and research requires considerable joint efforts to build a common understanding of the most prevalent educational problems and their solutions and a network of different stakeholders. 

The theme of the JURE 2018 conference is “Learning and instruction with an impact - scaling up the skill, will and thrill of learning”. The conference presentations, workshops and keynotes will showcase the newest findings about the cognitive, motivational and emotional aspects of learning and highlight the practical implications for practice and policy. 

In this panel discussion, we would like to focus on how junior researchers can strengthen ties between their research on the one hand and policy and practice on the other hand. Junior researchers are aware that creating impact with their research is important but are less familiar with strategies that can be used to increase impact not only at the research level, but also at the policy and practice level. In this panel discussion, we would like to see the following questions discussed from the different perspectives (policy, practice and research):

  • How can (junior) researchers strengthen the ties between research and practice?
  • How can (junior) researchers strengthen the ties between research and policy?
  • Which strategies can we (junior) researchers use to increase impact at the policy and/or practice level?

Panel members

  • Prof. dr. Hans Gruber from the University of Regensburg
  • Dr. Sarah Gielen from Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen
  • Prof. dr. Isabel Raemdonck from Université catholique de Louvain