Review process

Submission process

On October 12th 2017 we opened the JURE 2018 submission system. The first call for proposals can be found here.
The deadline for submitting your proposal is December 12th 2017. After this date you will not be able to make a submission, as the review process will be fully underway.

Review process: Phase I

In the first phase of the review process, both a senior researcher and a committee member of JURE 2018 will review the submissions. The outcome of the first phase of review is the notification of whether your proposal has been accepted, offered an alternative presentation format, or rejected. This information will be accessible on your user dashboard on February 1st 2018.
For acceptance your proposal should fulfill at least five out of the following seven criteria:

  1. Research in the field of learning and instruction (necessary requirement)
  2. Clear theoretical grounding of the research
  3. Clear statement of the research question
  4. Clarity of the research design (participants – conditions – research context – variables, etc)
  5. Clarity of (planned) methodology (data collection, instruments, and analyses, etc)
  6. Presence of an appropriate discussion on the research topic, research questions, design, methodology, relevance, or results
  7. Significance for educational practice and/or theory development in the field of education and/or educational policy

Theoretical or methodological papers should include information that is the equivalent of criteria 4 and 5 for those genres of scholarly work.

Review process: Phase II

The second stage of the review process takes place after a proposal’s acceptance.

Paper submissions, you will need to submit a full paper (from 3000 to 6000 words) and an updated abstract;  Poster submissions you will need to submit the poster with an updated abstract; Roundtable submissions you will need to submit the roundtable handout with an updated abstract.

The submission for the second stage deadline expires March 31st 2018. This second review round is intended to provide you with detailed feedback on your submission.

As a participant of the JURE 2018 Conference you are expected to take part in the feedback procedure and to comment on one paper, poster or round table handout of another conference participant. In addition, senior researchers will also provide feedback on paper submissions. Thus, for paper submissions you will get feedback from one peer reviewer and one senior researcher and for poster and roundtable submissions you will get feedback from one peer reviewer.

After you have submitted an updated poster, roundtable or full paper (by March 31st 2018), the conference committee will decide which paper, poster or roundtable submission you will provide feedback with. You are requested to send back your feedback by May 16th. To give you the most versatile experience of the junior researchers’ conference, every participant is expected to give oral feedback to the presenters at the venue and you might get chosen to act as a chair in a roundtable or poster session. We hope that you’ll make it and we’ll meet you at the JURE 2018 conference in Antwerp!

To submit your proposal, you can click here.