Signing up as a reviewer

  1. Log in to the EARLI dashboard
  2. To log in, write your email account and the password of your EARLI account
  3. Select 'My reviews' in the tab menu
  4. Select 'I want to become a reviewer for this conference' 
  5. Select the research domains, interest groups and keywords for which you would like to review. This will be used by the system to allocate you a proposal which closely matches your chosen domains, interest groups and keywords. 
  6. Click on the 'sign up as a review candidate' button. 

If you never were an EARLI or JURE member or are new to EARLI, you can create an account in the EARLI dashboard. Thank you once more for your commitment and contributing to the scientific quality of our conference.

Review phase 1

The purpose of the first round of reviews is to decide, which submissions can be accepted, and to offer qualitative feedback for junior researchers to help them improve their papers for the second round. Quantitative feedback is not required at this point and hence you will only be asked to provide your comments in the text box. Proposals consist of an abstract (300 words at maximum) and an extended summary (1000 words at maximum, including references).

Review phase 1 needs to be completed by February 1st 2018

Review phase 2

The purpose of the second round of reviews is to help junior researchers to improve their papers, and thus as a reviewer you are asked to provide feedback on the submission you have received. Please note that all submissions for this round of reviews have already been accepted in the first round. Hence, your review should not be considered as a summative assessment, but as a way to give constructive feedback.

Review phase 2 needs to be completed by May 16th 2018.

Quantitative and qualitative feedback

We would like to ask you to grade the submissions for each criterion (scale: 1-10,; 1=not acceptable, 6=acceptable, 10=excellent). 
Furthermore, we would like to encourage you to give some open feedback. The conference aims to give junior researchers the possibility to receive constructive feedback for their research so as to improve their work.

Submitting a review

You can start reviewing submissions assigned to you by logging in to your account at the EARLI dashboard and clicking 'my reviews'. Now, you can see the submissions assigned to you. Please note that the submission is an attachment!

Once you finished reading and entered the necessary information and remarks, click on the save button. However, please take notice of the fact that once you submit your review, this is regarded as final – you cannot change your review once you hit the save button.