About the Conference

What a Feeling! Language Education and Emotions. 

Third conference in the International Conferences on Language Education and Testing series 

26-28 November 2018
Venue: Hof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerpen
Registration: 2nd Floor, A. Dürerzaal


As a researcher, practitioner or policy maker, you can attest to the close connection between language education and emotions, both in learners and teachers. These affective factors influence their perceptions and behavior, and finally also the learning outcomes.

There is a felt need to provide a fitting platform to the rapidly evolving research into the influence of emotions in language education. The conference will provide such an overview of the scientific state of the art in the field of Language Education and Emotions. In addition to that, the participants in the conference will jointly identify the challenges this strand of research is confronted with, allowing them to build a research agenda for the future.

Language Education and Emotions will address a wide range of topics relating to affective factors in language teaching and learning, centering on:

  • Emotions  and the Language Learner: e.g. foreign language anxiety, self-esteem, motivation, willingness to communicate, inhibition, autonomy;
  • Emotions and the Language Teacher: e.g. self-efficacy, motivation, empathy;
  • Emotions and  the Teaching and Learning Process: e.g. language teaching methods, approaches in language teaching, learning materials/ tools, CALL, evaluation.

The keynote speakers at the conference are:

  • Jane Arnold Morgan (University of Seville; author of Affect in Language Learning)
  • Jean-Marc Dewaele (Birkbeck, University of London; author of Emotions in Multiple Languages)
  • One paper will be selected as plenary presentation.

University of Antwerp | Antwerp School of Education |  Faculty of Social Sciences  | Faculty of Arts
Venusstraat 35 | B-2000 Antwerp  | Belgium

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