Neurodevelopmental disorders

Conference postponed

New date of the conference will be communicated as soon as possible

Many genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders have been elucidated in the last decade. A substantial proportion of the causative genes cluster in the chromatin remodeling pathway. The aim of this conference is to highlight the common pathways involved in multiple chromatin remodeling disorders as well as to provide participants with an overview of the methodologies in this rapidly expanding field of epigenetic research. This meeting will bring together scientists and clinicians involved in genetic disease identification, characterization and treatment, as well as those involved in the development of epigenetic methodology. The scientific conference will be completed by a patient community gathering of families with the Helsmoortel - Van der Aa syndrome, a leading cause of  syndromic autism due to mutations in ADNP.

The scientific conference will be held at the University of Antwerp at Stadscampus. The programme consists of lectures by invited speakers and short talks selected from abstracts by young investigators. 

The patient community day was scheduled on Friday September 10. An informal social programme for parents and scientists was scheduled on the evening of Thursday 9 September. New date will be communicated. 

  • Conference organizers: Frank Kooy, Kelly Verbruggen, Anke Van Dijck, Wim Vanden Berghe, Nathalie Van der Aa
  • Scientific committee: Illana Gozes, Christopher Pearson, Hans Van Bokhoven, Wim Vanden Berghe