Morning session chaired by  Kelly Verbruggen and Frank Kooy

  • Nathalie Van der Aa and Kelly Verbruggen: an historical introduction on the syndrome
  • Anke Van Dijck: Clinical presentations of the Helsmoortel Van der Aa syndrome caused by mutations in ADNP
  • Claudio D'Incal: What have we learned from the animal model? Can we use it for drug screening?
  • Rizzuti Ludovico: What have we learned from the cellular models? Can we use it for drug screening?

Afternoon session chaired by Nathalie Van der Aa and Frank Kooy

  • Patricia Van de Walle: On the benefits of physiotherapy for our patients
  • Illana Gozes: Update on the NAP clinical trial
  • tbd: Update on the ketamine clinical trial
  • Sandra Bedrosian Sermone: How I initiated my ADNPKids foundation and what this can mean for you all
  • Questions and answers: all your questions will be answered by a panel consisting of some of the most world-renown experts on the disorder, including Illana Gozes, Kelly Verbruggen, Nathalie Van der Aa. Anke Van Dijck, Sandra Bedrosian Sermone and Frank Kooy.

Looking forward meeting as much parents and care takers as possible.

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