Programme - Friday 10 December 2021

​Part 1 / Online afternoon programme in Dutch
Deel 1 / Nederlandstalig online namiddagprogramma

  • 15h00: Welkom en introductie over het NuPhaC netwerk / Welcome and introduction about the NuPhaC network: Nienke Dijkstra & Carolien Sino
  • 15h15: Het verbeteren van het proces van het toedienen van medicatie via een injectie of een infuus in ziekenhuizen, door verpleegkundige en verplegingswetenschapper / Improving the process of administering medication via injection or
    infusion in hospitals, by nurse and nursing scientist: Bernadette Schutijser
  • 15h45: Tips en tools voor het herkennen van medicatie therapieontrouw, door verpleegkundige en verplegingswetenschapper / Tips and tools for recognizing medication therapy non-adherence, by nurse and nurse scientist: Marlies Schrijvers
  • 16h15: Deprescribing in de palliatieve zorgfase door verpleegkundige en verplegingswetenschapper / Deprescribing in the palliative care phase by nurse and nursing scientist: Kristel Paque
  • 16h45: Afronding en open discussie
  • 17h10: Break
Part 2 / Plenary international evening program
  • 18h00: Welcome + programme: Tinne Dilles
  • 18h15: Nurses’ Role in Interprofessional Pharmaceutical Care in Europe: Elyne De Baetselier
  • 18h50: Q&A
  • 20h00: Reception in Foyer at University of Antwerp
  • 21h30: End of day 1

Programme - Saturday 11 December 2021

  • 09h: Registration with catering at University of Antwerp
  • 9h30: Welcome: Tinne Dilles

Session 1: Care Coordination – Interprofessional Collaboration 

Chair session 1 : Tinne Dilles

  • 9h40: Key note session: Communicating with older patients and families about medications across transitions of care – opportunities for improved quality and safety of care: Elizabeth Manias
  • 10h10: The oncology patient on oral oncolytics in the general hospital of Turnhout: pathway: Hettie Delannoi and Jessie Janssens
  • 10h20:
    • Pharmaceutical care in nursing homes - a qualitative study about interprofessional collaboration and patient safety
    • Experiences from physicians’, pharmacists’ and nurses’ in interprofessional collaboration in home care with focus on nurse`s role
    • Vigdis Abrahamsen and Ann Karin Helgesen
  • 10h35: Q&A
  • 10h45: Short Break

Session 2: Quality of Prescribing and Medication Adherence 

Chair session 2 : Robert vander Stichele

  • 11h: Key note session: Data-driven interventions to manage medication adherence: Bernard Vrijens
  • 11h30: Key note session: Principles of prescribing in geriatric patients: Mirko Petrovic
  • 12h00: PRIME-study: Prescribing In Midwifery – Experiences of midwives, stakeholders and women: Miek Brouns
  • 12h10: The attitude of Slovenian nurses towards prescribing medicines: Marko Petrovic
  • 12h20: Improving nursing pharmaceutical care through the development of a collaborative health care and technological solution: Fco. Javier Gomis
  • 12h30: Q&A
  • 12h40: Lunch
  • 13h40: Innovative pitch session - Poster presentations

Session 3: People Centred Care 

Chair session 3: Marie-Louise Luiking

  • 14h10: Key note session: Medication self-management in The Netherlands: Patricia van den Bemt
  • 14h40: What Happens after Hospital Discharge? Deficiencies in Medication Management Encountered by Geriatric Patients with Polypharmacy: Laura Mortelmans
  • 14h50: Medication literacy assessment in geriatric patients during hospitalization: content validation of the MED-fLAG scale: Jenny Gentizon
  • 15h: Medication self-management in hospitalized patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder: the perceptions of patients and healthcare providers: Elke Loots
  • 15u10: Q&A
  • 15h20: Coffee break

Session 4: Medication Safety and Drug Monitoring 

Chair session 4 : Maarten Wauters & Kristel Paque

  • 15h50: Key note session Reducing medication-related harm; rising to the challenge: Ciara Kirke
  • 16h20 : Key note session: Pharmaceutical care in the nursing home: a unique setting in health care where nurses play a pivotal role: Robert Vander Stichele en Monique Elseviers
  • 16h40: Home care nurses’ perceptions regarding home care nurses’ role in interprofessional collaborative practice in a clinical medication review: Nienke Dijkstra
  • 16h50: Medication reconciliation and nurse drug education: Marika Lo Monaco
  • 17h: Q&A

Session 5: Panel discussion 

Chair session 5 : Elyne De Baetselier & Tinne Dilles

  • 17h10: Interprofessional panel conversation about pharmaceutical care:
    • Ciara Kirke
    • Gabriele Meyer
    • Jana Heczkova
    • Marie-Louise Luiking
    • Monique Elseviers
    • Patricia van den Bemt
    • Robert vander Stichele
    • Mirko Petrovic
  • 17h40: Finishing words & evaluation of the conference
  • 17h50: Reception in Foyer at University of Antwerp
  • 19h: End of day 2            

Poster session - Saturday 11 December 2021

Shared decision-making between the oncology nurse and the patient regarding medication management: a descriptive qualitative study
By Sarah Bosselaers - Live presentation

Perspectives of nurses’ role in interprofessional pharmaceutical care in Italy
By Alba Malara - Live presentation

Potentially inappropriate medication and anticholinergic burden in nursing home residents
By Tiziana Avenoso - Live presentation

Improving medication non-adherence due to trypanophobia: first results of the use of Needle Free Injection System within anti SARS-COV 2 Vaccination C
By Francesco Talarico - Live presentation

Patient participation in pharmaceutical care: A literature review
By Petros Kolovos - Online presentation

Striving for competency in delivering pharmaceutical care: a comparative perspectives of Slovenian and Croatian registered nurses
By Benjamin Osmančević - Live presentation

Medication literacy in hospitalized older adults: hybrid method of concept development
By Jenny Gentizon - Live presentation

Older adults living in care home’s experiences of user involvement in pro re nata medication decisions
By Marianne Nilsen

Mind the potential metabolic consequences of migraine prophylaxis: a case study
By Pieter Sinonquel