During the conference the following four companies will demonstrate their latest technologies in optical measurement systems.

  • Polytec
  • LaVision
  • MatchID
  • FBGS

Polytec has been providing light in the darkness for more than 50 years. With over 400 employees worldwide, the company develops, produces, and distributes optical measurement systems for research and industry. The focus is on the technology areas of vibrometry, velocimetry, surface metrology, process analytics, machine vision and other optical technologies.

The products enjoy an outstanding reputation in the international professional world. Whether it's in space travel, medicine, nanotechnology, or mechanical engineering – Polytec expertise is always in demand across all industries. Applications range from microsystem technology to large-scale mechanical engineering. Customers procure Polytec products from locations in the United States, England, France, Japan, Singapore and China as well as through a global network of sales partners.

Polytec website

LaVision are leading suppliers of optical measurement systems to a wide variety of industries. Our products focus on imaging, and we utilise high end scientific grade cameras to measure sprays, flows, droplets, and material deformation. Our product range includes the StrainMaster Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system for the measurement of surface shape, deformation, and strain.  Unlike traditional gauges and extensometers, StrainMaster provides quick and accurate instantaneous full field data maps characterising your material behaviour when subjected to loading, without the need to contact the surface.  This full field data is invaluable in validating simulations and to characterize complex components such as composites or additive manufactured parts.  Our systems are fully integrated and supported by our unique DaVis software platform that offers intuitive user interfaces, accurate processing algorithms and data visualization, as well as distributed computing capabilities. Furthermore, Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) measurement capabilities are supported on the same DaVis platform, enabling a powerful and comprehensive material testing tool for the end-user. We provide full on-site training and can also provide system rental and contract measurements.  LaVision are happy to visit your site and provide a free system demonstration and feasibility study.

LaVision website

MatchID is a pioneer of what we believe to be the next generation of Digital Image Correlation tools, with a primary focus on

  • Interpretation of results in a quantitative way with integrated error assessment, multi-viewport analysis and batch processing
  • Detailed validation of finite element simulations: establish a one-to-one relationship between model and experiment  
  • Identification of mechanical properties via the Virtual Fields Methodology: from elasticity towards viscoplasticity …. Inverse identification made easy and fast
  • Customized application development and seamless communication with your own  .NET, Python and Matlab scripts
  • In-depth training : annual courses by experts in the field, self-training material
MatchID website
FBGS is a Belgium / Germany based developer and manufacturer of high strength Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) during fiber drawing before the primary coating is applied or using femtosecond based inscription technologies. These automated processes result in several unique advantages of our sensor products such as an extremely high mechanical strength, excellent sensing properties and the possibility to multiplex dense arrays of sensing points in a very cost effective way. Based on the unique sensing components, FBGS is also designing, developing and producing customized sensor solutions corresponding to the clients requests. We are also developing and commercializing a broad range of interrogator platforms (measurement devices) and can provide all necessary installation tools and accessories. FBGS website