PBL for Sustainable Cities

The final conference of the Citylab project will be hosted by the University of Rosario in Bogota. This conference has multiple aims. First, it aims to disseminate insights and stimulate academic discussion on problem based teaching methods. The conference will be open for academic scholars with paper sessions and round tables. Secondly, the conference aims to expose the work of the students in the PBL modules. During the student competition, an interdisciplinary jury involving academics and professionals, will select the winning studentteam during.  Third, the conference aims to involve a broad range of teachers in Europe and Latin America to share ideas and experiences on problem based learning.

About the CITYLAB project

About the CITYLAB project

Engaging students with sustainable cities in Latin-America

The aim of the CITYLAB project was to enhance the quality of HEI’s in Latin America through problem based-learning. Problem-based learning is a proven innovative approach for introducing real-world problems in the education program with huge possibilities to transform the quality of learning and teaching. It is a kind of active, integrated and constructive learning method that works from a student centered approach and emphasizes on learning to learn and learning by doing, and breaks with traditional teaching methods such as ex-cathedra lectures. In order to introduce and spread PBL, it is required to work on specific problems through multidisciplinary approaches.

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Academic Director

Prof. Dr. Ir. Tom Coppens
University of Antwerp

Management Team

Stijn Rybels
Diana Carolina Cabrera
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