Information for presenters

Oral presentations are allowed 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for  
discussion. If possible, please send us your presentation one day  
before the conference ( In case we have not received  
your presentation, a member of the organizing committee will be  
available during registration and coffee breaks to assist you in  
uploading your presentation onto the lecture room computer. Please  
ensure that your presentation is uploaded well in advance of your  
Didactic materials like screen, beamer, flipcharts with paper and  
felt-tips, microphone, as well as wireless internet are available.  
Loudspeakers are also available for audio output. Please contact us if  
you have more specific needs (

Poster presentations. The size of the available boards is 115cm in width and 140cm in height (app. 45 inches on 55 inches). We will provide pins for the posters. The poster boards will be numbered.  
Please use the space which corresponds with the number your poster has been assigned in the program. Poster presenters are asked to prepare a one-minute presentation of their poster (a pitch). Before each poster session, all presenters will briefly introduce their poster in a plenary session.