P1 | Keynote Ash Amin

Space/Subject: Vernaculars of Endurance in Delhi's Slums and Streets

P2 | Keynote Friederike Landau

Infrastructuring Activism: On Political Difference in Public Art

P3 | Keynote Sonia Arbaci (IJURR)

Paradoxes of segregation: housing, welfare, and the production of urban inequality in (Southern) European cities

P4 | Keynote Desmond D'Sa, Manu Claeys (Civil Society Plenary)

Contesting urban infrastructure projects: experiences from the Antwerp Oosterweel link and the Durban port expansion projects

P5 | Keynote Nadine Machikou, Saheed Aderinto, Edgar Pieterse, Kingsley Madueke

Presencing and publishing Urban Studies from Africa

P6 | Keynote Jens Lachmund, Christopher Otter, Hillary Angelo

Urban History and Urban Theory: A Boundless Dialogue?

P7 | Keynote Ayona Datta, Rob Kitchin

Decolonizing and Reclaiming the Digitalized City