Thursday October 14th (digital day)

During the digital days we offer two parallel paper sessions:

9.30-11.00 h:
  • Parallel session 1: Paper session: Theoretical viewpoints on fashion – Moderator Ian King (founder Responsible Fashion Series)
    • Aïcha Abbadi (independent researcher, Berlin): Training for co-creation: Alternative narratives for a post-crisis world 
    • Chet Bugter & Hanka van der Voet (ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem): “We Have Never Been Individuals”: What Fashion Can Learn From Fungi
    • Anna Kamneva-Wortmann (University of Paderborn): Decentralized sartorial networks
    • Robert Burton (MIMA School of Art and Design): The ‘Spectral Turn’ in Fashion: Re-visioning alternative fashion futures
  • Parallel session 2: Paper session: Disrupting fashion – Moderator Kirsten Scott (Istituto Marangoni, London)  
    • Margo Barton, Jane Malthus & Moira White (Otago Museum & Otago Polytechnic): Disrupting fashion-as-usual in the Southern Hemisphere
    • Laura Gardner (RMIT University, Melbourne) & Femke de Vries (ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnem): How text designs fashion: A dataset of textual fashion
    • ​Terry Newman (UCA, London): Notes on prettiness: breaking the stereotype and thinking about fashion meaning responsibly.
11.10-12.40 h: Paper session: Breaking the rules in fashion education – Moderator Kirsten Scott (Istituto Marangoni, London) 
  • Mal Burkinshaw (University of Edinburgh): Destabilising Fashion Design Education to Stabilise the Fashion Industries
  • Sabine Lettmann, Zoë Hillyard & Beth White (Institute of Jewellery, Fashion and Textiles, Birmingham City University): Constructive Disruption
  • Dennita Sewell & Galina Mihavela (Arizona State University, Tempe): How (and, WHY?) to (successfully) start a fashion school in the desert during an industry disruption. 
12.40-1.30 h:
  • Parallel session 1: Demonstration: Amy Sperber (The Fashion Institute of Technology, NY): Open sources Fashion Avatars: A Digital Dress from Database for Diverse Bodies
  • Parallel session 2: Online workshop: Jennifer Whitty & Yan Yuan (Parsons School of Design, NY): Fostering mind-body-clothing relationships, and mediations for new consciousness and wellness
1.30-3.00 h:
  • Parallel session 1: Paper Session: Breaking stereotypes: relation between the body and fashion – Moderator Terry Newman (UCA, London)
    • Elisabeth Pfahl (independent, Jaipur): Fit, Flat and Fabulous: Double mastectomies and femininity in becoming flat
    • Ben Barry, Philippa Nesbitt, Kristina McMullin, Alexis De Villa & Jonathan Dumitra (Parsons School of Design, NY; Ryerson University, Toronto; University of Alberta, Edmonton): Crip Community Can Save Fashion: How Disabled People Generate Alternative Fashion Practices
    • Elsa Ball & Vanessa Brown (Nottingham Trent University): Managing the Self in the Salon: Hairdressing, Identity and Sustainability
  • Parallel session 2: Paper Session: Co-creation & collaboration – Moderator Archana Surana (Arch College, Jaipur)
    • Lucía Lopez Rodríguez (Escuela Universitaria Centro de Diseño, Montevideo) : Constructing Fashion through Critical Thinking and Collaboration: An Uruguayan Case Study
    • Karen Cross (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen): Shifting Stories: provenance and production in Scotland’s fashion and textile SMEs
    • Savita Singh Das & Akash Das (ISDI, Mumbai): Fashion education needs to be a siloless construct demonstrating an Inter-Disciplinary ethos to enable fashion’s re-imagination
    • Anne McInnis & Katalin Medvedev (The University of Georgia): Old school–New school: Balancing Puer and Senex Archetypal Characteristics Fosters Productive Intergenerational Teams in the Fashion Industry
3.10-4.40 h:
  • Parallel session 1: Paper Session: Breaking stereotypes – Moderator Ian King (Founder Responsible Fashion Series)
    • Lindy Boerman (ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem): The matter of moral shame in fashion
    • Gregory Climer & Michael Wertz (California College of the Arts, Oakland): San Francisco Funk and Flash: Drag, Rebel Style, and Community
    • Pradbodh Mishra (Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University, Gujarat): Fashion: The Stan Lee of Gender Bending Super Heroes in India
  • Parallel session 2: Paper Session: Sustainability & consumer behavior – Moderator Sofie Jacobs (AMS, Antwerp)
    • Annuska Toebast-Wensink (University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht): Persuading consumers to engage in more sustainable fashion behavior
    • Mariangela Lavanga, Silvia Blas Riesgo & Mónica Codina (Erasmus University Amsterdam; Universidad de Navarra) : The consumption of (sustainable) fashion:
      patterns, drivers and barriers
    • Emily Huggard (Parsons School of Design, NY): How sustainable brands are using TikTok to educate consumers: An etnography approach
    • Rose Marroncelli & Naomi Braithwaite (Nottingham Trent University): How fast is fast fashion?
4.50-6.20 h:
  • ​Parallel session 1: Young researchers session: The Future of Fashion Design Education - Moderator Tony Kent (Nottingham Trent University)
    • Ezgi Akpinarli (İzmir University of Economics): Idealized body image and preferred body types in fashion design education
    • Serah Alabi (freelance journalist) & Judith Ogbolu (Albstadt-Sigmaringen-University) : Reshaping the Future of Fashion Designers through Technology
    • Cosette Armstrong Martinez & Jessica Dao (Oklahoma State University, Stillwater): Spiritual Pedagogy in Sustainable Fashion Education
  • Parallel session 2: Paper Session: Fashion Education meets sustainability – Moderator Mariangela Lavanga (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
    • Desiree Smal (University of Johannesburg): Future-focussed sustainable fashion design thinking in education, progress or inertia?
    • Naomi Braithwaite (Nottingham Trent University) & Lisa Trencher (Manchester Metropolitan University): Educating Fashion: Supporting a student led approach for a sustainable future 
    • Lynda Grose (California College of the Arts, San Francisco) & Gregory Climer (California College of the Arts, San Francisco): Case studies in creative fashion design education: The secret weapon for systemic societal change
    • Lisa Nel, Allan Munro & Desiree Smal (Central University of Technology, Bloemfontein): Fostering a sustainability-oriented ethics of care to transform the fashion system

Friday October 15th (digital day)

9.30-11.00 h
  • Parallel session 1: Paper Session: Transformative potential of fashion from an intercultural perspective – Moderator Babette Radclyffe-Thomas (Journalist & consultant, London)
    • Ania Zoltkowski (University of Technology, Sydney): Realising Fashion through Place: an exploration of Fashion Rituals on Gadigal Land towards new understandings of Sustainability
    • Aika Alemi (Kazakhstan Brand Incubator): Central Asian princess and a pea
    • Anne Peirson-Smith (Nottingham Trent University) & Jennifer Craik (Queensland University of Technology): Re-molding fashion boundaries in the mud
  • Parallel session 2: Paper Session: Breaking the economic system: 2nd hand clothing vs. waste – Moderator Pierre-Antoine Vettorello (UAntwerp)
    • Yvonne Ntiamoah (University of the Arts London): A New Generation of Designers from the Board of Fashion Ghana, Embraced Circular and Sustainable Textile Waste
    • Timo Rissanen (University of Technology, Sydney): Free Fashion
    • Margo Barton (Otago Polytechnic): Wearers Voices: Citizen Stylists disrupting the fashion system.
    • Louise Laroque & Andrée-Anne Lemieux (Institut Français de la Mode, Paris) : Characterization of first hand going to second hand retailing market : case studies on new collaborative and data-oriented business models
11.10-12.40 h
  • Parallel session 1: Paper Session: Decolonizing Fashion – Moderator Toby Slade (University of Technology Sydney)
    • Angela Jansen (Research Collective for Decolonising Fashion): The coloniality of contemporary fashion aesthetics and the loss of a diversity of fashion futures
    • Chepkemboi J. Mang’ira (independent): Own your culture
    • Erica de Greef, Angela Jansen & Shayna Goncalves (Research Collective for Decolonising Fashion): Conversations on decoloniality and fashion: reflections on fashion(ing) decoloniality and disruptive knowledge production forms
    • Ameerah Khadaroo & Camay Abraham (London College of Fashion): Culturally inspired fashion:
      Perceptions of Fashion Designers and Consumers
  • Parallel session 2: Paper Session on Breaking the internet: the future of fashion week & education – Moderator David Zajtmann (Institut Fraçais de la Mode, Paris)
    • Yuri Siregar & Katerina Dvorackova (Nottingham Trent University): What’s next for fashion week?
    • Vittorio Linfante (Politecnico di Milano): Fashion Resilience: Fashion Shows as a Form of Resistance Between Physical and Digital
    • Murat Yalçın (Bahcesehir University): Hazardous Environment Suit as a Saviour
    • Noorin Khamisani (Dubai Institute for Design and Innovation) & Beata Wilczek (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna): The digital shift: Evolution and rapid digitization of fashion design education during the Covid-19 pandemic.
12.40-1.30 h
  • Parallel session 1: Online Performance: Muslin Brothers: Stream of Consciousness | Elements that makes fashion
  • Parallel session 2: Online workshop: Jennifer Whitty & Yan Yuan (Parsons School of Design, NY): Fostering mind-body-clothing relationships, and mediations for new consciousness and wellness
1.30-3.00 h - Break
3.10-4.40 h: Paper Session: Heritage & breaking the norm – Moderator Angela Jansen (Research Collective for Decolonising Fashion):
  • Sara Idacavage (The University of Georgia): Breaking Norms, Shifting Focus: A Future Research Agenda for Sustainable Fashion Using Social Practice Theory
  • Rachel Worth (The Arts University Bournemouth): Fashion Unmasked: Historical Perspectives on the Future of Fashion
  • Leanne Tonkin, Katherine Townsend, Jake Kaner & David Downes (Nottingham Trent University): Designer intent: a postconservation approach to postmodern fashion

4.50-6.20 h
  • Parallel session 1: Paper Session: Physical vs. digital – Moderator Annick Schramme
    • Amy Twigger Holroyd (Notingham Trent University): Writing alternative fashion worlds: frustrations, fictions and imaginaries
    • Pragya Sharma & Megha Chauhan (Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD)): The modern-day haat: Role of digital technology in shaping artisan-customer dynamics during the pandemic 
  • Parallel session 2: Paper Session: Transformative potential of fashion – Moderator Ian King (founder Responsible Fashion Series)
    • Santiago Útima Loaiza (Colegiatura Colombiana): The transformation of the apparel manufacture in Colombia seen in the family archive
    • Aino Korhonen & Kirsi Niinimäki (Aalto University School of Arts): Enabling More Regenerative Systems in Fashion
    • Cecilia Winterhalter (Accademia Costuma & Moda, Rome): Covid19. Motor of Change in Fashions/Consumptions and Society 

Wednesday October 20th (Live in Antwerp)

9.00-10.00 h
Registration & Welcome coffee

10.00-10.15 h (livestreamed)
Welcome by Herman Van Goethem (Rector University of Antwerp) & Johan Pas (Director Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp) & Annick Schramme (Academic Director Master on Fashion Management AMS & Master Cultural Management UAntwerp) and Ian King (founder Responsible Fashion Series)

10.20-11.00 h (livestreamed)
Interviews with Walter Van Beirendonck (Director Royal Academy of Fine Arts Fashion Department Antwerp) by Dominique Nzeyimana (podcast “The Most”) on "Can Fashion save the world?"

11.00-12.00 h (livestreamed)
Panel: "Can Fashion save the world? A response from fashion education" – Moderator Ian King (founder RFS)

  • Fiona Dieffenbacher (Parsons School of Design, NY)
  • Yvonne Ntiamoah (Radford University Ghana) 
  • Johan Pas (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp)
  • Barbara Trebitsch (Accademia Costume e Moda, Rome)
  • Zowie Broach (Royal College of Art London)

12.00-1.30 h
Lunchbreak & networking

1.30-3.00 h: parallel sessions:

  •  Paper Session: Fashion & Society – Moderator Fiona Dieffenbacher (Parsons School of Design, NY)
    • Ira Solomatina (University of Amsterdam): Politics, society and culture through the prism of Indian fashion magazines
    • Sibille Diederichs (Joseffa, Brussels): Can Fashion Save The World? ...or can the world save fashion? A circular view through "Joseffa, live twice"
    • Chinouk Filique (independent researcher): Deconstruction, recognition and alternative engagement
    • Nadica Maksimova (University of Bologna): From the local towards the global.The hope for a better future as told by Vogue Talents and the new Made in Italy realities.
  • Paper Session: Fashion & Education – Moderator Barbara Trebitsch (Accademia Costume e Moda, Rome) (livestreamed)
    • Sharifa Jamaldin (Fashion Revolution Belgium): Creating a fair fashion mindset, a fair fashion department
    • Aki Choklat (College for Creative Studies Michigan): Shoemaking starter kit
    • Andrea Cammarosano (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp): Relational Creativity: The workshop as a space to stimulate creative, technical and interpersonal relations.
    • Collette Depeyre, Véronique Perret & Richter-Widhoff (Université Paris Dauphine): Rethinking fashion education. How to give confidence to the students who want to become an actor for change?
  • Paper Session: Fashion & History – Moderator Annick Schramme (AMS & UAntwerp)
    • Karan Khurana (Westminster International University in Tashkent): Uzbekistan: The silk route of handloom
    • Jacque Lynn Foltyn (National University, La Jolla) : Peruvian Connections: Barrier Breaking Luxury, Case Study

3.00-4.30 h: parallel sessions:

  • Paper Session: Breaking the system – Moderator Annick Schramme (AMS, UAntwerp) (livestreamed)
    • Michelle Blair Gabriel (Glasgow Caledonian New York College): Desire, Power, and Capitalism: A Theoretical Exploration of Overconsumption in the Global Fashion Industry
    • Elaine L Ritch, Nial McLean, Chris Dodd (Glasgow Caledonian University): Exploring Millennials’ Love-Hate relationship with Fast Fashion
    • Fiona Dieffenbacher (Parsons School of design, NY) The EN[...]Clothed Collective | Articulating a “space in between” 
    • Clizia Moradei (Università Iuav di Venezia): Fashion designer-plant: Fashion education as a plant metaphor. 
  • Paper Session: Fashion & Technology: digital fashion – Moderator Karan Khurana (Westminster International University in Tashkent)
    • Katharina Sand (University du Quebec à Montréal): Digital Fashion Design and Creative Experience
    • Zowie Broach (Royal College of Art London): Specificities & Subjectivities of a digitized humanity
    • Stefanie Mallon (University of Hamburg): Transcending Material Limitations. Digital Clothes and the ‘Future of Fashion’
    • Judith Brachem & Lucas Stübbe (University of Hamburg): Farewell, textiles. How a shift to virtual fashion can break the material barrier of vestimentary expression

4.30-5.00 h
Coffee break

5.00-6.30 h
Panel on creativity – Moderator Ian King (founder Responsible Fashion Series) (livestreamed)

Opening statements: Linda Loppa (Writer, Advisor and Former director Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp) 

  • Filip Arickx (designer)
  • Rushemy Botter (designer)
  • Shayli Harrison (Mutani)
  • Andrea Cammarosano (Royal Academy of Fine Arts)
  • Bianca Luzi (Detlef Raf Simons)

6.30-8.00 h
Optional visit our expo at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Wintergarden). Some projects of presenters in the Responsible Fashion Series are featured there. More info
Blindestraat 35, 2000 Antwerp

8.00-11.00 h
Evening Activity: visit to the MoMu Fashion Museum with reception

Thursday October 21st (Live in Antwerp)

9.00-9.30 h: Registration

9.30-11.00 h (livestreamed)
Panel about sustainability and entrepreneurship – Moderator Rozanne Henzen (AMS)
Keynote: Kate Fletcher & Mathilda Tham (University of the Arts, London)

  • Soraya Wancour (Studio AMA)
  • Niki de Schryver (COSH!)
  • Francisca Dantas Mendes (SUSTEXMODA)
  • Ioana Corduneanu (Semne Cusute)

11.00-11.30 h: Coffee break

11.30-1.00 h

  • Parallel session 1: Paper session: Fashion & sustainability: A Belgian Response – Moderator 

    A Belgian Response – Moderator Rozanne Henzen (AMS, Antwerp) (livestreamed)

    • Veerle Spaepen (Thomas More, Antwerp): One size does not fit all: consumer acceptance of circular business models and communication
    • Soraya Wancour (Studio AMA, Ghent): Studio AMA is breaking the economic system by creating new local value chains based on circular principles through the social economy.
    • Ben Hagenaars e.a.(LUCA School of Arts, Brussels; Custom Territory): Custom Territory
  • Parallel session 2: Paper session: Business side of sustainability – Moderator Walter Van Andel (UA; Antwerp/HKU, Utrecht)
    • Anna Lottersberger (Rome University of Fine Arts) & Sofia Celeste (Vogue Arabia): Investments in high-science pioneers: How international fashion companies are funding innovative start-ups to forge a circular economy
    • Jan Merckx (The CiLAB Collective, Mechelen): How fashion can save the world: the CiLAB experiment
    • Saartje Boutsen & Charlotte Vandierendonck (co-founders Studio D, Mechelen): Can sustainable fashion be democratic if you take true pricing into account

1.00-2.00 h: Lunchbreak

2.00-3.30 h: 

  • Paper Session: European & large projects on sustainability – Moderator Annick Schramme (UAntwerp, AMS) (livestreamed)
    • Guy Buyle & Lien Van der Schueren (Centexbel, Ghent): Herewear
    • Elisa Palomino, Ori Topaz, Ana Solo, Ayelet Karmon and Anna Cordoba Crespo (University of the Arts London & CIRTex, The Israel Center for Innovation and Research in Textiles, Shenkar): Making fish skin pattern-based garments: developing digital tools for the fashion industry based on Ainu Indigenous Peoples’ tradition
    • Rawaa Ammar, Cédric Vanhoeck, William Allouche & Leo Besson Beaugeois (Resortecs, Brusses): Thermal disassembly unlocks premium recycling of garments at industrial scale and prevents an additional 20% of CO2 emissions.
    • Alexa Pollmann  (London College of Fashion and : Dazzle Collective
  • Parallel session 2: Paper Session: Sustainability - Moderator tbc
    • Elaine Ritch & Mari Lowe (Glasgow School for business & society): Sustainable Fashion Scotland: Facilitating a national community
      systems change approach to producing and consuming fashion
    • Simon Thorogood (London College of Fashion): ’Unbecoming Fashion. Fictionalizing Clothes for a Post-Materialist Wardrobe.’

3.30-4.30 h: Break to walk to the Antwerp Management School

4.30-5.00 h: Welcome & registration at the Antwerp Management School

5.00-5.40 h: Panel discussion: The local fashion ecosystem – Moderator Veerle Windels (journalist) (livestreamed)​

  • Pascal Cools (Flanders DC)
  • Kaat Debo (Antwerp Fashion museum MoMu)
  • Katrien Huygens (City of Antwerp)
  • Lies van Assche (vzw Doek)
  • Annick Schramme (UAntwerp, AMS)
  • Tom De Maeyer (Monar)

5.40-8.00 h: Pitching competition "Future of Fashion pitch" (livestreamed)


  • Pascal Cools (Flanders DC)
  • Mimi Lamote (Mayerline)
  • Bart Van den Eynde (Investor)
  • Anne Chapelle (Poiret) 
  • Inés Sylverans (City of Antwerp)

8.30-12.00 h: Evening Activity: exclusive walking dinner at AMUZ, Kammenstraat 81, 2000 Antwerpen with performance by Jasna Rokegem - Founder Jasna Rok Lab, first FashTech Lab in Belgium & Music by Milan Verbist & Co

Friday October 22nd (Live in Antwerp)

8.30-9.00 h: Registration

9.00-10.30 h

  • Parallel session 1: Paper Sessions: challenging our understandings of ‘can fashion change the world.’ – Moderator David Zajtmann (Institut Français de la mode, Paris)
    • Dellores Laing (University of Westminster): JACKET & IMAGE: Unpicking/Collaborating/Remaking…
    • Elisabeth Jayot (Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris): Drawing on Simondon’s « open object » theory to invert the fabless fast fashion paradigm: A practice-based research on local on-demand digital fabrication of modular clothing
  • Parallel session 2: Young researchers session – Moderator George Bouvier (Academia Cerebra, Italy)
    • Pauline Devriese (UGent): Feminism in fashion: Marketing strategies or advocacy in Maria Grazia Chiuri’s designs for Dior?
    • Floris Goeminne (independent): The reappraisal of Martin Margiela as a model of digital fashion signification (tbc)
    • Nathalie De Schepper (KDG, Antwerp): Critical success factors in the internationalization of fashion labels in the middle segment
    • Antonella Valerio (Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels): How can we change the fashion economic system, one that has been based on fast fashion, hyper consumerism and exploitation into a more circular, and socially more balanced ecosystem 
  • Parallel session 3: Paper session: Breaking the stereotype – Moderator Dirk Reynders (AMFI, Amsterdam) (livestreamed)
    • Marius Janusauskas (UGent): The Power of the Fashion Photographic Image: A Framing of Queer Identity
    • Johanna von Pezold (The University of Hong Kong) & Tommy Tse (University of Amsterdam): Rediscovering memories and emotional functions of fashion in the “affective” turn
    • Adrien Roberts (Accademia Costume e Moda, Rome) Some will get over the rainbow
    • Sarah Kaufman (Fashion writer, Milan) Fashion and Motherhood

10:30-11.30 h
Panel: what about the notion of “originality” – Moderator Annick Schramme (AMS, UAntwerpen) (livestreamed):

  • Christine de Keersmaeker (Astrea Law firm)
  • Samuel De Goede (Design Director at BYBORRE)
  • Marie de Bellefroid (Delveaux)
  • Barbara Gessler (European Commission) 

11:30-1.00 h Panel: Fashion as Activism - Moderator George Bouvier (Academia Cerebra, Italy) (livestreamed)

Opening statements: Ben Barry (Parsons School of Design)

  • Catherine Willems (Kask School of Arts Ghent)
  • Adrien Roberts (Accademia Costume & Moda, Rome)
  • Astrid Elburg (AMFI)
  • Chayet Chiénin (Founder & Editor-in-Chief Nothing but the wax)

1.00-1.30h Closing Remarks (livestreamed)

  • Annick Schramme (UAntwerp, AMS)
  • Ian King (founder Responsible Fashion Series)

1:30-2:30 h: Lunchbreak

2.30-6.00 h: Exclusive visits & workshops (please pre-register)

  • Visit to the Lace exhibition in several museums in the city
  • Exclusive visit to the Coptic Textile Collection of Fernand Huts (Katoennatie)
  • Sustainability Tour (Bie Noê - B.Right)
  • Sustainability tour from a B2B Perspective (COSH!)
  • Selection of Workshops at UAntwerp (More information on our website)