Challenge writing, embrace creativity

You will be inspired and challenged at the 16th SIG Writing Conference, following the conference’s tagline Challenge Writing, Embrace Creativity.

Creativity is a concept that is intrinsic to both writing and research. It is necessary for problem-solving, innovation and self-expression. In the complex cognitive processes of text production, creativity is fundamental to tackle challenges that cannot be solved by standard problem-solving techniques. Creativity is also paramount when coming up with original content or innovative stylistic forms, as is the case in creative writing. In research, creativity may push our understanding of research topics and academic fields, by allowing us to challenge and rethink traditional concepts and paradigms, to pose state-of-the-art research questions, to create innovative research designs and to find novel ways of collecting, analyzing and communicating data.

For the 16th SIG Writing conference, we welcome contributions on all aspects of writing. We also aim to include a conference track that is focused on creativity in writing and writing research in all its conceptual, methodological, disciplinary and professional aspects. Topics may therefore include but are not restricted to:

  • creativity as a research topic;
  • creativity in the choice and use of research designs and methods;
  • creativity in the way scientific knowledge is communicated.

The SIG Writing conference has traditionally been focused on the writing research community, but we also welcome submissions from other disciplines that study text-production.