1. How can I log into the conference system?

You can log in the conference system via the link https://conference.earli.org

2. I am not a member of Earli. How can I create an account?

No EARLI-account yet? You can easily create a free account via the wizard (https://conference.earli.org/create-account). This will enable you to submit a contribution and to register for the conference.

3. Are references included in the extended abstract of 350 words?

Yes the text length that you can upload is 350 words (strict). Please only include the most important references.

4. Should the highlights be formulated in keywords or in full sentences?

The text in the bullet points could be sentences or partial sentences. The goal of the highlights is that they are easily readable on a digital device like a smart phone. Below you can find an example:

  • Writing tasks could provide valuable information on patients' language capacity.
  • With written (typed) sentence production, we aim to describe process variables at the intra-word level of writing.
  • One hundred healthy participants of 50 years and over were recruited.
  • Each participant performed a copy and a sentence production task (logged with ScriptLog - analyzed with Inputlog).
  • ...
  • ...
  • Etcetera.