COVID-19 - postponement conference

Dear SIG 27 members and online measure enthusiasts, 

It is with deepest regret that we have to announce the postponement of the SIG 27 conference. On April 15th, there was a National Security Council meeting in Belgium, where was decided to prohibit the organization of mass events before the end of August 2020. The exact definition of ‘mass event’ is not yet clear, however, the University of Antwerp strongly advices to postpone the conference in best interests of everyone’s health.
However, this is only a postponement. We still strive to organize the conference later this year: from December 14th to December 16th! Also our keynote speakers Johanna Kaakinen, Inge Molenaar and Eco de Geus will be available in December. 

We will inform you as soon as possible on a new submission deadline for those of you who want to submit and attend in December, but could not submit and attend in August. For people who have submitted but cannot attend anymore, we will also explore what the options are (e.g., giving an online presentation). If you would have any ideas or suggestions on this matter, please feel free to contact us ( The new early bird deadline will also be released soon and we will inform you on that. 

As soon as things become more clear to us, we will contact you about this. If you should have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to ask them via mail or via our Twitter-account.

In the meantime, we would like to wish you much strength in these special times.
Stay safe, stay healthy and hopefully we will see you soon.

Best wishes,
The SIG 27 coordinators
The local organizing committee 

Welcome to the SIG 27 Conference at UAntwerp

Dear online measure enthusiasts,

It is with great pleasure that we invite all of you to the 3rd edition of the SIG 27 conference of EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) taking place from 14 to 16 December, 2020 in Antwerp (Belgium). 

The theme of the 2020 SIG 27 conference is Sharpening the facets of online measures: Research at the cutting edge. The theme relates to one of the most important symbols of the city of Antwerp: the diamond. As stated in the SIG 27 mission statement, learning is an ongoing process leading to an outcome. The assessment of learning thus requires considering the whole process and not merely the outcome of learning. Therefore, more and more online measures are adopted to gain more insight into the processes that take place whilst learning. We believe that these process measures can be seen as rough diamonds. Uncut diamonds that we as a community need to shape through discussion and collaboration in order to keep our research at the cutting-edge of our field. Both our empirical work needs to be sharpened as well as theories need to be reshaped based on these online measures. The conference will yield a great platform for discussion and exchange of experience with different online measures such as multimodal and multichannel process measures, eye-tracking, brain-imaging methods, psychophysiological measures such as EDA and heart rate variability, video data, log data and observational data.

We look forward to meeting all of you in Antwerp.


A snapshot of Antwerp

Antwerp central railway station

Havenhuis - home of the harbour authorities