We will make use of two tools to create a lively virtual environment to interact in: Gather Town and Blackboard.

Gather Town

The conference venue is in Gather Town. This is a virtual version of a real venue where you can walk around and meet other people. In Gather Town you can walk around with your avatar, interact with people and enter different rooms/sessions. The poster session, social activities and topic lunches are hosted in the Gather Town environment. Also symposia, keynotes and Q&A sessions are hosted in Gather Town, but you will be redirected to live sessions in Blackboard Collaborate.


The Blackboard environment will be used to provide you with all necessary information: announcements, the programme, access to all materials, live sessions, discussion boards, etc. Since Blackboard Collaborate only works smoothly in Google Chrome, we advise you to install and use Chrome as your browser. Gather Town also works perfectly in Google Chrome.