Submission formats

For each submission type, a short abstract of 250 words is expected (will become available in the program) as well as an extended scientific abstract of maximum 500 words (excluding references, for review only). You can choose your format based on the following goals:

Goal Format
I would like to showcase finished or published work Regular presentations
Ik would like to discuss problems in design, analysis or other issues No-or-not-so-perfect-data presentations
I would like to discuss a theoretical idea No-or-not-so-perfect-data presentations
I would like to receive feedback on a research idea Interactive poster presentation
I would like to show how different presentations together form a coherent argument Symposium

Participants can only submit once as speaker (presentation or no-or-not-so-perfect data presentation) and once as a poster presenter (a maximum number of two submissions as a first author) and a participant can act only once as discussant in a symposium.

Regular presentations

Regular presentations can be used to showcase finished work. Abstracts that do not contain data could be accepted as presentations, but only if they form an added value for the program (e.g., discussions of methodological issues). For research plans, posters are more appropriate and for work in progress, no-or-not-so-perfect data presentations are most suitable. 

No-or-not-so-perfect-data presentations

No-or-not-so-perfect-data presentations present work in progress, and aim to act as a starting point for discussions regarding design, analysis and other issues related to working with process measures. NoNSPD sessions allow for more time for discussion than for presentation. 

Interactive poster presentation

The poster session will provide researchers with an opportunity to discuss their research plans with participants. Posters will be left to hang for the whole conference, and participants will be asked to be available for questions and discussion during the interactive poster session on Thursday. Posters are the most appropriate format for research plans because they allow for optimal interactivity. Poster presenters will compete for the SIG 27 poster award which is based on the comparative judgment method Comprooved.


Symposia consist of 3 presentations (either NoNSPD or regular) and a discussion and take 1.5 hours. Presentations should come from at least 2 different countries. For symposiums, we require high quality submissions where the contributions form a coherent whole. The submission consists of 3 abstracts plus an additional abstract that explain the overarching goal of the symposium and the discussant involved. Reviewers will be required to judge the symposium as a whole as well as individual contributions. If the quality of the symposium as a whole is insufficient, we can decide to invite individual contributions to present or bring a poster, based on the ranking of individual contributions.