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To submit a proposal, please log in to your EARLI dashboard. The deadline for submission is February 7th (2020). Notification of decision will be given by April 17th (2020). Participants can only submit once as speaker (presentation or no-or-not-so-perfect data presentation) and once as a poster presenter (a maximum number of two submissions as a first author) and a participant can act only once as discussant in a symposium.

Log in

  • You already have an EARLI account: You can log in using the email address and password linked to your existing EARLI account.
  • You do not have an EARLI account : If you are new to EARLI, you can create a new account by clicking ‘register’. When logging in for the first time, please check that all your account information is correct. Please make sure that your country of birth and country of employment is filled in. You can access all your account information in your use profile.

User dashboard

You can find your account information, your membership history, future membership orders, conference submissions and conference orders in the user dashboard.

Create new submission

Click ‘new submission’ to create a new proposal. You need to select ‘new submission’ for regular presentations, no-or-not-so-perfect data sessions and interactive poster sessions. You need to select ‘new symposium’ for multi-paper submissions.

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