Programme Sisters in arms

Conference schedule (691 kB)

Wednesday 9 January 2018

11:00 arrivals and registration
12:00 lunch
13:30 opening address by Walter Van Herck
13:45 The History and Future of Philosophy's Relationship with Theology
opening lecture by Lydia Schumacher


Key note Sessions 1:
Powerlessness, Enhancement, Resilience. Interdisciplinary Approaches and Critique
(= 3x30') + discussion (30’)
Chair: Professor Cornelia Richter (University of Bonn Institute of Hermeneutics)

  • Dr. David Batho (University of Essex), The Phenomenology of Powerlessness and Virtue Theory
  • Dr. Thiemo Breyer (University of Cologne), Vulnerability and Resilience: Perspectives from Analytic and Phenomenological Philosophy
  • Professor em. Susanne Heine (University of Vienna), Philosophical Implications of Psychological Concepts on Powerlessness and Enhancement
16:30 coffee/tea break
17:00 paralell session A (20'+10') in two or three rooms
A1 Tony Pacyna
A2 Tim Weatherstone
A3 Roger Abbott
17:30 paralell session B (20'+10')
B1 Isidoro Talavera
B2 Bruce Benson
B3 Oliver Davies
19:00 Conference dinner

Thursday 10 January 2019


parallel session C (20’+10’)
C1 Ryan Haecker
C2 Jessica Eastwood
C3 Martin Grassi


parallel session D (20’+10’)
D1 Katrin Gülden
D2 Jamie Howard
D3 Pablo Irizar

10:00 coffe/tea break


Key note session 2 :
Living Religion

Chair: Dr Anastaia Scrutton (University of Leeds)

  • Professor Beverley Clack, (Oxford Brookes University), ‘“Truth isn’t truth”: Shaping a Practical Feminist Philosophy of Religion for the Age of Trump’
  • Dr Rhiannon Grant (University of Birmingham), ‘What Is Religion? Finding Something Fading’
  • Dr Simon Hewitt (University of Leeds), ‘Divine Personhood and Living Christianity : Some Wittgensteinian Lessons’    
13:00 lunch


Key note session 3 :
Discussing fiction as a Way of Introducing Lived Suffering and Lived Religion into Theodicy

Chair: Professor  Marcel Sarot  (Tilburg School of Catholic Theology)

  • Dr Marc De Kesel (Radboud University Nijmegen), 'Christianity and Its Ideal of Selflessness. On a Novel by Shusaku Endo & an Essay by Michel de Certeau'
  • Professor David Jasper (University of Glasgow), 'The Nineteenth century Novel and the Rhetoric of Fiction'
  • Dr Bettine Siertsema (VU University Amsterdam), ‘Fiction, fact and the search for truth in Holocaust literature’
16:30 coffee/tea break


parallel session E (20’+10’)
E1 Gabriel Kalcheim
E2 Hanna Lucas
E3 David Luna Vinueza


parallel session F (20’+10’)
F1 Stephanie MacGillivray
F2 Valerian Mendocan
F3 Katharina Opalka

19:00 dinner
21:00 drinks in......

Friday 11 January 2019


parallel session G (20’+10’)
G1 Klaas Bom
G2 Ryan Fainche
G3  William Sipling


parallel session H (20’+10’)
H1 Peter Versteeg
H2 Ton van Eijk
H3 Lieke Werkman
H4 H. Ibekwe Onyekachi

10:00 coffe/tea break


Key note session 4 :
Anthropology and Theology [provisional title]

Chair: Dr Petruschka Schaafsma (Protestant Theological University Amsterdam)

  • Professor Sarah Coakley (University of Cambridge), title t.b.a.
  • Dr Timothy Jenkins (University of Cambridge), title t.b.a.
  • Professor Nicholas Adams (University of Birmingham), title t.b.a.
12:20 concluding remarks by Joris Geldhof and Walter Van Herck
13:00 lunch
14:00 departures




Keynote Panels Provisional programme (831 kB)