The future of Europe. Exploring strategies for strengthening EU Citizenship

** Please note that attendance at this event is by invitation only. If you do not have an invitation but would be interested in attending please contact Tom Binder:

Wednesday 26th April, afternoon (12:30h - 17:00h)

EU citizenship is about a set of rights complementing one’s national citizenship. And EU citizenship is about active membership of a European community, about influencing decision-making on rules,  policies and practices that effect one’s own national and local societies. The opportunities and capacities to exercise these rights and to participate, differ between countries, between groups and in time. Social, cultural and economic trends, crises, as well as policy responses to these trends and crisis, create potentially new barriers for EU citizenship. Although we cannot predict the future, we can prepare ourselves for different thinkable futures. What choices can we make within these futures. What can we do, given our position and role, to foster (cross border) rights and citizen participation for the future?

The aim of this scenario event on the future of EU citizenship, is to explore what options for choices and actions there may be available in different thinkable futures, in different circumstances. We do this together with a varied group of participants. In four so called ‘what if’ scenarios we present four images of how the EU, Europe, might look like in 2030. These images are partly based on earlier research and events that have taken place in the context of the bEUcitizen project (see For each of these scenarios, different strategies, different repertoires of action may be needed to foster EU citizenship. 

For this event, we invite participants from different worlds:

- The world of (national and local) public administration;

- The world of NGO’s;

- The world of the younger generation;

- The world of labour.

Apart from these groups, a representation from the European Commission and the European Parliament will be invited to the workshop sessions and asked to comment on the outcomes during the final plenary session.

The specific objective of the event is to discuss what EU citizenship means for the different groups of stakeholders if the world were to look like:

1. a Europe of Parochial Solidarity

2. a Protective Europe

3. a Marketized Europe

4. a Europe of Patchwork Markets

The participants will be asked to reflect on the actions they would execute to foster EU citizenship given the characteristics of these four scenarios and how these actions could relate to actions of other groups of stake holders. At the end of the afternoon, the organisers hope to have developed four strategies for fostering and solidifying EU citizenship. 

On behalf of the bEUcitizen team, we warmly invite you personally to participate in this event.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Wieger Bakker

Moderator Scenario event

Utrecht University School of Governance

Bijlhouwerstraat 6, 3511 ZC Utrecht


For more information, please contact Tom Binder, assistant to the scenario event:



12.30h Registration

13.00h The future of EU citizenship. Welcome and introduction of theme and purpose of the program

13.15h Introducing four future scenarios (Prof. dr. Wieger Bakker)

13.40h What will happen and what to foster? Break-out session A: (4 sub-groups, 10 to 15 participants per group)

- How likely are the scenarios?

- What happens with EU citizenship in the future scenarios (and the values it stands for)?

- What happens with national citizenship?

- What is there to choose

14.25h Coffee break

14.45h Collecting ideas: plenary session

15.15h Designing strategies. Break-out session B: (mixed sub-groups, 1 scenario assigned to each group)

- Finding ways for concerted action

- What can be done by whom to develop, foster, citizenship, cross border citizenship

16.00h The future in the present: reflecting on strategies and policies

- strategy presentations (5 min each)

- discussion and comments by a representative from the Commission

- reflections

- concluding remarks by Agnes Jongerius (MEP S&D)

17.00h Drinks



1.- Background information scenario event, The Future of Europe

2.- Scenarios for EU citizenship in 2030.