The Third Antwerp TCR meeting 2023

On Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th of May 2023, the Antwerp Unit for Data Analysis and Computation in Immunology and Sequencing (AUDACIS) will organize ATCR23: the Third Antwerp TCR meeting where international experts discuss T cells from the TCR perspective.

  •  Venue: University of Antwerp - Conference Center Hof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13, Antwerp
  • Scientific and organizing committee: 
    • Pieter Meysman (UAntwerp)
    • Benson Ogunjimi (UAntwerp)
    • Kris Laukens (UAntwerp)
    • Nathalie Cools (UAntwerp)
    • Eva Lion (UAntwerp)
    • Wim Adriaensen (ITM)
  • Maximum number of participants: 150


Conference organization