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Download the programme for the CRC satellite symopsium on 15th December.
download the abstract book (including up-dated programme) for Zoology2016

Programme overview

Thursday 15 December

Antwerp Zoo Centre for Research and Conservation satellite symposium

To be held in the Darwin room in the Zoo in Antwerp. 
(free poster submissions only possible for zoo-related topics)
- For more information on the symposium

08.00-16.00 Symposium - Download the programme here
16.30-18.30 Opening of Zoology 2016 followed by a welcome drink

Friday 16 December

Zoology 2016 Congress

To be held at the University of Antwerp, City Campus, Hof Van Liere

08.00-09.00 Registration Zoology 2016
09.00-10.00 Plenary lecture - ‘Physiology and Conservation’: Jodie Rummer (James Cook University, AU) - Coral reef fishes in the Anthropocene
10.00-10.30 Coffee break
10.30-12.30 Parallel sessions - Marine Biodiversity (until 12.45); Ecological and Functional Morphology 1
12.30-13.30 Lunch

Parallel sessions - Population Genetics and Genomics; Behavioural Ecology; Ecotoxicology

15.45-16.15 Coffee break
16.15-17.15 Plenary lecture - ‘Genetics and Conservation’: Mike Bruford (Cardiff University, UK) - Can genomics actually make a difference in conservation: a science to policy perspective
17.15-20.00 Poster session, scientific/social gathering

Saturday 17 December

Zoology 2016 Congress

To be held at the University of Antwerp, City Campus, Building C, Prinsstraat/Grote Kauwenberg, Antwerp

08.00 Opening registration desk Zoology 2016
09.00-10.00 Plenary lecture - ‘Behaviour and Conservation’: Hans Van Dyck (Université catholique de Louvain la Neuve, BE) - Behavioural responses to human-induced rapid environmental change: what you see is not what other animals get
10.00-10.30 Coffee break
10.30-12.30 Parallel sessions - Ecological and Functional Morphology 2; Ecology; Ecological Physiology
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-15.00 Parallel sessions - Host-Parasite Relationships; Conservation and Society; Molecular Phylogeny

Plenary lectures: Prize Dutch Zoological Society, Prize Pelkwijkstichting, KETS-prize.
Prize Dutch Zoological Society
15.10-15.25: Maurijn van der Zee (Leiden University, NL) - Eco-evo-devo of an evolutionary novelty in insect eggs.
Prize Pelkwijkstichting
15.25-15.40: Klass-Dauwe Dijkstra (Stellenbosch University, SA) - Making dragonflies the new birds: exploring nature in an age of species loss.
15.40-15.55: Marie-Anne Deprez (KU Leuven) - The embryonic chicken optic tectum as a model to unravel the role of MCT8 during early brain development.

15.55-16.20 Coffee break
16.20-17.20 Plenary lecture - Plenary lecture ‘Society and Conservation’: John Fa (Metropolitan University, UK) - The role of wild foods for human nutrition and food security
17.20-17.40 Closing ceremony, proclamation of awards and prize winners

Any changes to the programme will be communicated to participants via e-mail.


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Artwork by Dzia

Artwork by Dzia