Introduction to Internet Questionnaires with QUALTRICS

Asking people questions is one of the most commonly applied data collection methods in the social sciences. Its standardized form, that is, the questionnaire using multiple choice items in a fixed order and format, became widespread since the 1940s onward, when the US army applied the technique to quickly screen potential new recruits. For several decades, the mode of administration was one of face-to-face, telephone, or mail. In recent decades, due to the penetration of Internet with the general public, Internet questionnaires have been added to the range of modes of administration.

This tool allows us to make and launch Internet  questionnaires in a fast and user-friendly way. The University of Antwerp has a campus license for the online survey tool Qualtrics for staff and students. If you are not affiliated to the University of Antwerp, you either have to get your own Qualtrics account (e.g. via your own institution) or use a free acount (albeit with reduced functionality).

The course is offered online using a combination of instruction videos, self-study exercises, online Q&A and livestream teaching. To obtain the credit for the doctoral school, there is a mandatory evaluation through a take-home task at the end of the course (regardless of your faculty).