Currently, many researchers at our university use one of two software packages: on one hand there is SPSS, with a user-friendly interface but with limited functionalities for graphics and advanced analyses. Alternatively there is R, with an almost unlimited number of functionalities but with a much steeper learning curve, including typing at the command line.

JMP Pro 15 is statistical software combining the  wide range of functionalities comparable to R with a menu-based interface comparable to SPSS. This powerful application can be used for data visualization, exploration and analysis. In addition, JMP offers a wide range of statistical techniques from basic statistical analyses to more advanced analytic techniques.The program is available for UAntwerpen researchers through a campus license.

The course is offered in the PC class, through classic ("face-to-face") teaching.

Course contents

In this course we will teach how to get started with JMP. We will cover data manipulations and making graphs to visualize your data. We will discuss how to perform basic statistical analysis in JMP. At the end of the course, participants are able to perform elementary data manipulation, graphics and statistical analysis using JMP.

  • data import, export and manipulation
  • data visualization
  • descriptive statistics
  • hypothesis testing
  • linear regression and ANOVA

Target audience / prerequisites

This course is aimed at pre- and post doctoral researchers who are already familiar with elementary statistical data analysis, but who were using different software up to now.

*Important *This is not a statistics course. The lessons about statistical techniques will focus on how to perform these techniques in JMP, but the theory behind the techniques is assumed to be known. The statistical techniques themselves are not subject of this course.



PhD student UAntwerpen : € 50 

UA-affiliated : € 90

Academic non-UA : € 160

Publicand non-profit sector : € 250

Private sector : € 500


Time and place

The next course will be organized in October 2022.

Announcement and opening of registrations is scheduled for September 2022.