R online course

R is a powerful, flexible and open-source software package for statistical data analysis and graphical data representation. In some research domains, such as bioinformatics and biostatistics, R is the most often used program for statistical analysis. Increasingly, implementations of new statistical methodology first appear in R as an add-on package.

The R online workshop is offered through the electronic environment Blackboard/VICE, and consists of three modules (see below 'Course contents'). Each module starts with a self-study introduction supported by instruction videos, guided exercises and feedback video's. Participants can interact with each other and with the instructor through a discussion forum on Blackboard/VICE. After completing the self-study material, an interactive Question&Answers (Q&A) session is offered  through Blackboard collaborate. Participants should have completed the exercises before the Q&A session. Part of the course (in particular modules 2 and 3) also include livestream teaching. See the tab 'Important dates' for the timing.

Due to the special circumstances, all participants have to take a short test to obtain the attendance certificate for this course (regardless of their faculty).