Jarl K. Kampen

Jarl Kampen has a Phd in the Political and Social Sciences by writing a thesis on “The analysis and interpretation of models for ordinal association” (KUBrussel, 2000). He teaches research methods and statistics in Antwerp University (Belgium) and in Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and for BSc, MSc and PhD students of very diverse backgrounds (e.g., environmental  science, social science, health studies, epidemiology) with a demonstrably competence-based, active and student-centred, internationally oriented and research-driven approach. His experience and expertise covers both quantitative and qualitative research methodology. As a statistical and methodological consultant he provides methodological and statistical support to many applied researchers in short and long-term interdisciplinary collaborations.  Jarl publishes regularly in the theoretical (statistics, methodology) and applied scientific literature.


Jarl Kampen Stadscampus
Venusstraat 35
2000 Antwerpen
Tel. 0495673275