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Programmes for working students and evening courses

The University of Antwerp has several programmes which cater specifically for the needs of working students. These programmes rely on several methods of instruction which all fall into the category of "blended learning". They are suitable for anyone wishing to start or continue studying alongside their professional activities.

Combining work with study can be a challenge. It requires a lot of planning, discipline and perseverance. Registered working student can rely on the services of Centrum WeST, the Centre for Work and Studying at the University of Antwerp.

 Registration and facilities for working students

A working student can register after central enrolment. Registered working students can request special considerations for classes and exams (lecturers decide independently on awarding facilities).

The registration criteria relate to the job situation and the study programme. Students need to register each academic year.

 Blended learning:

  • Blended learning involves supervised self-study and fewer contact hours.
  • You go through the course materials yourself (self-study) but also receive supervision.
  • The study materials have been specially adapted to include clear structures, study assignments and progress exercises (often with automatic feedback), and the lecturers are there to help if you have any questions about course content or other matters.
  • Electronic learning: Blackboard plays an important role in supporting communication, group work, study materials and complementary course materials.
  • Maximum 12 contact hours per course, introductory session, discussion and response classes.
  • Mid-term assessment and adaptation.

Evening courses

The course content of the evening programmes is the same as what is taught during the day, so the degree you receive is equivalent to a standard degree. The difference is that your classes and practicals take place in the evening and on Saturdays.

More information on the page of Centrum WeST (in Dutch)


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