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Bachelor of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Bachelor of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Academic year :

Model Path part 1


Fundamentals of Chemistry I6sp1st semester
Neyts, Erik
Fundamentals of Chemistry II, incl. practical9sp2nd semester
De Wael, Karolien
Organical Chemistry I6sp2nd semester
NNB, -
Statistical treatment of empirical data4sp1st semester
Janssens, Koen


Evolution theory and biological classification3sp1st semester
Van Damme, Raoul
Biodiversity and function6sp1st semester
Prinsen, Els

Mathematics and Physics

Applied linear algebra3sp1st semester
Vanroose, Wim
Applied calculus6sp2nd semester
Symens, Stijn
Physics I6sp2nd semester
Hadermann, Joke

Biochemistry and biotechnology

Cells and tissues6sp1st semester
Adriaensen, Dirk
Embryology and development5sp2nd semester
Van Cruchten, Steven

Model Path part 2

Biochemistry and biotechnology

Separation and purification of biomolecules3sp2nd semester
Van Ostade, Xaveer
Identification, characterization and quantification of biomolecules3sp2nd semester
D'Haese, Patrick
Biocatalysis and Bioenergetics7sp2nd semester
Dewilde, Sylvia
Biopolymers6sp1st semester
Van Ostade, Xaveer
Molecular Biology6sp2nd semester
Timmerman, Vincent
Microbiology5sp2nd semester
Cos, Paul
Biostatistics4sp1st semester
Fransen, Erik
Cellular Physiology5sp1st semester
Labro, Alain
Laboratory excercises6sp2nd semester
Geuens, Eva


Organic chemistry II6sp1st semester
Mampuys, Pieter


Physics II6sp1st semester
Wuyts, Floris

Independent scientific work

Scientific reporting3sp1st semester
Labro, Alain

Model Path part 3

Biochemistry and biotechnology

Integrated Metabolism5sp1st semester
Dewilde, Sylvia
Molecular Cell Biology6sp1st semester
Snyders, Dirk
Virology4sp2nd semester
Vanham, Guido
Molecular genetics part I5sp1st semester
Del-Favero, Jurgen
Molecular and Cellular Immunology4sp1st semester
De Meester, Ingrid
Bio-informatics6sp1st semester
Laukens, Kris
Molecular Genetics Part II5sp2nd semester
van der Zee, Julie
Integrated Molecular Practical6sp2nd semester
Geuens, Eva
Systems Physiology7sp2nd semester
Snyders, Dirk

Independent scientific work

Thesis with internship9sp1st/2nd sem.
Van Hul, Wim

World view

World View and Science3sp2nd semester
Loobuyck, Patrick