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Bachelor of Biology

Bachelor of Biology
Academic year :

Model Path part 1

Compulsory courses

Earth Sciences I3sp1st semester
Temmerman, Stijn
General Chemistry6sp1st semester
Baeten, Linny
Building plans and diversity of plants and fungi6sp1st semester
Van De Vijver, Bart
Cell Biology8sp2nd semester
Vissenberg, Kris
Computer skills3sp1st semester
Latré, Steven
Ecology I4sp2nd semester
Ceulemans, Reinhart
Evolution theory and biological classification3sp1st semester
Van Damme, Raoul
Fauna and Flora I4sp1st/2nd sem.
Bervoets, Lieven
Physics I6sp2nd semester
Hadermann, Joke
Organic chemistry6sp2nd semester
Lemiere, Filip
Overview of the major building plans: animals6sp1st semester
Aerts, Peter
Mathematics6sp2nd semester
Symens, Stijn

Non compulsory optional course

This course can replace an optional course in BA3 (for more info see description).

Catch-up course in mathematics3sp1st semester
Eelbode, David

Model Path part 2

Compulsory courses

Earth sciences II6sp1st/2nd sem.
Temmerman, Stijn
Biochemistry6sp2nd semester
Asard, Han
Bioethics3sp2nd semester
Hens, Kristien
Biomolecules3sp1st semester
Lemiere, Filip
Diversity of animals3sp1st semester
Baeckens, Simon
Ecology II3sp1st semester
Nijs, Ivan
Embryology3sp1st semester
Aerts, Peter
Fauna and flora II3sp2nd semester
van Diggelen, Ruurd
Physics II6sp1st semester
Wuyts, Floris
Histology3sp1st semester
Adriaensen, Dirk
Statistics6sp2nd semester
Van Dongen, Stefan
Form and function: animals6sp1st semester
Blust, Ronny
Form and function: plants9sp2nd semester
Vissenberg, Kris

Model Path part 3

Compulsory courses

Sustainable Development3sp2nd semester
Gielen, Bert
Ecosystem Management5sp1st semester
Meire, Patrick
Ecosystemtypes3sp2nd semester
Janssens, Ivan
Behavioural Biology5sp1st semester
Eens, Marcel
Genetics including Population Genetics5sp2nd semester
Backeljau, Thierry
Introduction to immunology3sp2nd semester
De Meester, Ingrid
World View and Science3sp2nd semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
Microbiology3sp1st semester
Lebeer, Sarah
Molecular Biology6sp1st semester
Beemster, Gerrit
Parasitology3sp2nd semester
Leirs, Herwig

Field course and Laboratory course

Minimum one field course and/or Laboratory work to be chosen

Laboratory Work3sp1st semester
Prinsen, Els
Field Course Alpine Biology3sp1st semester
van Diggelen, Ruurd
Field Course Marine Biology3sp1st semester
De Boeck, Gudrun
Field Course Tropical Biology3sp1st semester
Leirs, Herwig

Project work

Project work is compulsory

Project3sp1st/2nd sem.
Prinsen, Els

Optional courses

14 ECTS-credits to be chosen from the following list or, with approval of the Education Board, from other programmes

Biological Anthropology3sp1st semester
Stevens, Jeroen
Müller, Wendt
Cultural Ecology3sp1st semester
Beyens, Louis
Good Field Practices4sp2nd semester
Matthysen, Erik
Good Laboratory Practices4sp1st semester
Prinsen, Els
Introduction to Systems Biology3sp2nd semester
Knapen, Dries
Laboratory animal science3sp1st semester
Van Ginneken, Chris
Observation Techniques4sp2nd semester
Eens, Marcel
Marine biology3sp1st semester
De Boeck, Gudrun
Mathematical Computational Biology3sp2nd semester
Laukens, Kris
Microscopy Techniques4sp2nd semester
Vissenberg, Kris