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Master of Conservation-Restoration

Master of Conservation-Restoration
Academic year :

Model Path

Compulsory Courses

54 ECTS-credits

Critical Heritage Studies3sp2nd semester
Bovyn, Guy
Innovative Imaging Heritage6sp1st semester
Van der Snickt, Geert
Innovative Techniques of Management and Policy6sp1st semester
Bovyn, Guy
Heritage and Sustainability3sp2nd semester
Bovyn, Guy
Historical Construction and Finishing Techniques3sp1st semester
Vandebroek, Marc
Intervention Techniques of Heritage6sp1st semester
Vandebroek, Marc
History and Typology: Architecture: Exterior and Interior6sp1st semester
Laporte, Dirk
Internship6sp2nd semester
van der Star, Carolina
Master Dissertation15sp2nd semester
De Vis, Kristel

Elective Courses

6 ECTS-credits
The student chooses elective courses for a total of 6 ECTS-credits from the list below.
Or the student adds 6 ECTS-credits of the elective courses to the internship course 2013FOWCOR and uses the course 2014FOWCOR of 12 ECTS-credits instead (or uses the course 2015FOWCOR of 15 ECTS-credits instead. (the student will graduate with an extra of 3 ECTS-credits).
Or the student chooses courses for a total of 6 ECTS-credits from the master courses offered within the Universiteit Antwerpen. To request such an elective course, please use the form 'aanvraag keuzeopleidingsonderdeel van een UA-opleiding'. The completed form should be submitted to the student administration office of the Faculty of Design Sciences before the deadline stated on the form.

International Design Workshop M13sp2nd semester
Leus, Maria
Excursion and Research M13sp2nd semester
Laporte, Dirk
International Workshop3sp2nd semester
Rosetti, Ilaria
Summer School3sp2nd semester
van der Star, Carolina
Internship12sp2nd semester
van der Star, Carolina