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Master of Philosophy

Master of Philosophy
Academic year :

Model Path

Master's thesis

Master Project21sp2nd semester

Progression Seminar

Progression Seminar3sp1st/2nd sem.
Van Eekert, Geert
Vanheeswijck, Guy

Compulsory Master Seminar

Philosophy and Society6sp2nd semester
Reynaert, Peter

In Dept studies

3 courses to choose from the following list

Advanced Study Metaphysics6sp2nd semester
Van Eekert, Geert
De Vriese, Herbert
Advanced Study Philosophical Psychology6sp1st semester
Reynaert, Peter
Myin, Erik
Advanced Study Ethics6sp2nd semester
Lemmens, Willem
Advanced Study Philosophy of Art6sp1st semester
Cools, Arthur
Advanced Study Philosophy of Religion6sp1st semester
Van Herck, Walter

Master Seminars

2 courses to choose from the following offering.

* Profiling space: instead of a second research seminar students can, in function of their specific research interest and for their master's thesis, opt for a course of 6 ECTS-credits in another master programme of the Universiteit Antwerpen. Permission of the Education Board of Philosophy is always required. Applications are to be submitted to the people in charge of the programme.

Master Seminar: Inter-religious Dialogue and the Ethics of Peace6sp1st semester
Gentile, Valentina
Master Seminar: Hanna Arendt on Freedom6sp2nd semester
Van Eekert, Geert
Master Seminar: Charles Taylor's Doctrine of Strong Evaluation6sp1st semester
Meijer, Michiel
Master Seminar: Memory and Imagination6sp2nd semester
Nanay, Bence
Master Seminar: Philosophy of Love6sp2nd semester
Schaubroeck, Katrien
Master Seminar: Secularization and Disenchantment6sp1st semester
Vanheeswijck, Guy

Summer School

A credit for the Summer School in Philosophy and Society can be regarded as equivalent to the seminar 'Philosophy and Society' or a free choice seminar.

Antwerp Summer School in Philosophy and Society6sp1st semester
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