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Master of Culture Management

Bridging Programme on Culture Management
Academic year :

Model Path

Compulsory courses

48 ECTS-credits
Students have to choose for 'Inleiding tot de algemene economie' between 1000PSWECO' and '1101TEWAEC'. It isn't allowed to choose both those courses.

Culture and Media Theory6sp2nd semester
Weyns, Walter
Verschraegen, Gert
European and international environment6sp2nd semester
Merlevede, Bruno
Introduction to Business Administration3sp1st semester
Vanderstraeten, Johanna
Introduction to general economics6sp1st/2nd sem.
Vanhaecht, Eve
Introduction to economics6sp1st semester
De Ridder, Annemieke
Introduction to Financial Reporting3sp1st semester
d'Haens, Patrick
Introduction to psychology3sp2nd semester
Declerck, Carolyn
Introduction to sociology3sp1st semester
Henderickx, Erik
Media Law3sp1st semester
Neels, Leo
Methodology for Business Research6sp1st semester
Cambré, Bart
Law and Corporation6sp1st semester
Vanhees, Hendrik
Introduction to Scientific Economics3sp1st/2nd sem.
Berghman, Liselore