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Master of Applied Economics: Economic Policy

Master of Applied Economics: Economic Policy
Academic year :

Model Path

Common Part (24 ECTS-credits)

Compulsory: 18 ECTS-credits

Applied Econometrics6sp1st semester
Vujić, Sunčica
Hoxha, Sergei
Open Economy Macroeconomics6sp1st semester
Winkler, Roland
Applied Welfare Economics6sp1st semester
De Borger, Bruno

6 ECTS-credits to choose from

Graduate Seminar in Economics6sp1st/2nd sem.
Vanneste, Jacques
Merlino, Luca Paolo
Economics Project6sp1st/2nd sem.
Guiette, Alain

Master Thesis

Compulsory: 15 ECTS-credits

Master Thesis15sp2nd semester
Vanneste, Jacques
Martens, Rudy
Dens, Nathalie

1 module (21 ECTS-credits) to choose from:

'International Economics and Finance' and 'Economics of Public Policy Issues'.
Students can replace 1 or more courses from the chosen module by 1 or more mastercourses at the faculty AES with permission of the Board of Admission. This is limited to 6 ECTS-credits.

Module 1: International Economics and Finance

Financial Econometrics3sp2nd semester
Annaert, Jan
Financial Intermediation and Regulation6sp1st semester
Gielens, Geert
De Muynck, Michiel
Monetary Economics6sp2nd semester
Winkler, Roland
Public Finance6sp2nd semester
Vanneste, Jacques

Module 2: Economics of Public Policy Issues

Economic Analysis of Inequality3sp1st semester
Decancq, Koen
Health Economics3sp1st semester
De Graeve, Diana
Industrial Organisations6sp2nd semester
Bouckaert, Jan
Labour Economics6sp1st semester
Deschacht, Nick
Transport, Mobility and the Environment3sp2nd semester
De Borger, Bruno