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Master of Applied Economics: Economic Policy

Master of Applied Economics: Economic Policy
Academic year :

Model Path

Common Part (24 ECTS-credits)

Compulsory: 18 ECTS-credits

Applied Econometrics6sp1st semester
Vujić, Sunčica
Open Economy Macroeconomics6sp1st semester
Winkler, Roland
Applied Welfare Economics6sp1st semester
De Borger, Bruno

6 ECTS-credits to choose from

Graduate Seminar in Economics6sp1st/2nd sem.
Bouckaert, Jan
Vanneste, Jacques
Economics Project6sp1st/2nd sem.
Guiette, Alain

Master Thesis

Compulsory: 15 ECTS-credits

Master Thesis15sp2nd semester
Berghman, Liselore
Vanneste, Jacques
Jorissen, Ann

1 module (21 ECTS-credits) to choose from:

'International Economics and Finance' and 'Economics of Public Policy Issues'.
Students can replace 1 or more courses from the chosen module by 1 or more mastercourses at the faculty AES with permission of the Board of Admission. This is limited to 6 ECTS-credits.

Module 1: International Economics and Finance

Financial Econometrics3sp2nd semester
Annaert, Jan
Financial Intermediation and Regulation6sp1st semester
Gielens, Geert
De Muynck, Michiel
Monetary Economics6sp2nd semester
Winkler, Roland
Public Finance6sp2nd semester
Vanneste, Jacques

Module 2: Economics of Public Policy Issues

Economic Analysis of Inequality3sp1st semester
Decancq, Koen
Health Economics3sp1st semester
De Graeve, Diana
Industrial Organisations6sp2nd semester
Bouckaert, Jan
Labour Economics6sp1st semester
NNB, -
Transport, Mobility and the Environment3sp2nd semester
De Borger, Bruno