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Master of Mathematics: Financial and Applied Mathematics

Master of Mathematics: Financial and Applied Mathematics
Academic year :

Model Path over 2 years

Foundation courses (42 ECTS-credits)

compulsory courses

Actuarial models6sp2nd semester
Lebègue, Adrien
Finite difference methods and financial mathematics6sp1st semester
In't Hout, Karel
Financial mathematics6sp2nd semester
Van Wouwe, Martine
Advanced calculation of probability6sp1st semester
Einmahl, Uwe
Harmonic and Wavelet Analysis6sp1st semester
Dooms, Ann
Financial Modeling with Lévy processes6sp1st semester
Guillaume, Florence
Numerical Optimisation6sp1st semester
Vanroose, Wim

Profiling courses (36 ECTS-credits + 12 ECTS-credits free to choose)

The students choose courses for 36 ECTS-credits from 3 of 4 clusters : each time 2 courses per cluster

Cluster Financial and Actuarial Courses

Financial Risk Management6sp2nd semester
Smits, Bert
Path integrals for option prices6sp1st semester
Tempere, Jacques
Topics in actuarial and financial mathematics6sp2nd semester
Kadankova, Tetyana
Seminar financial mathematics6sp1st/2nd sem.
In't Hout, Karel
Monte Carlo Methods and FX Derivatives Markets6sp2nd semester
Wystup, Uwe Peter
Banking6sp2nd semester
Verstegen, Kurt

Cluster Numerical Mathematics

Advanced numerical methods6sp1st semester
Cuyt, Annie
Seminar numerical analysis6sp1st/2nd sem.
In't Hout, Karel
Theory and practice of finite elements methods6sp2nd semester
Vande Sande, Hans
Applications of differential equations6sp1st semester
In't Hout, Karel
Advanced Programming6sp1st semester
Broeckhove, Jan
Multigrid and multiscale solution methods6sp1st semester
Cools, Siegfried

Cluster Stochastics and Statistical courses

General theory of empirical processes6sp1st semester
Einmahl, Uwe
Advanced stochastic processes6sp1st semester
Van Casteren, Jan
Time series analysis I6sp2nd semester
Hörmann, Siegfried
Lévy processes and their applications6sp2nd semester
Kadankova, Tetyana
Statistical methods II6sp2nd semester
Barbé, Kurt
Statistical methods I6sp2nd semester
Barbé, Kurt

Cluster Applied Mathematics

Cryptography6sp2nd semester
Dooms, Ann
Reconstruction techniques in medical imaging3sp1st semester
Sijbers, Jan
Introduction to performance modelling6sp1st semester
Van Houdt, Benny
Applications of differential equations6sp1st semester
In't Hout, Karel

Free to choose area (12 ECTS-credits)

Academic Literacies for Scientists and/or any of profiling area courses from the 4 clusters

Academic Literacies for Scientists3sp1st semester
Van Hout, Tom
Geometric functional analysis6sp1st semester
Hohloch, Sonja

Master Project (30 ECTS-credits)

Master project30sp2nd semester
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