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Master of Comparative Vertebrate Morphology (Erasmus Mundus)


Your programme

Five European universities have joined efforts in this international, collaborative master programme of Comparative Vertebrate Morphology (EUCOMOR).

The programme trains you to be deployed in a broad and rapidly evolving biomedical scientific environment.

You will learn how to give advice on specific aspects of the use of laboratory animal-related biomedical research, particularly in the field of comparative vertebrate morphology and animal-free techniques, on the basis of analyses, interpretation and decision.

Your future

The programme anticipates on a European or global professional field by means of its learning outcomes and the programme’s content.

This ensures that you can play a scientific, teaching and advising role within biomedical research and education concerning comparative (vertebrate) morphology.

A career in research, in industry, in academia and in governmental services with the attitude of a lifelong learner is possible.