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Master of Mathematics: Fundamental Mathematics

Master of Mathematics: Fundamental Mathematics
Academic year :

Model Path over 2 years

Core courses

The student chooses 6 out of 8 courses.

Advanced calculation of probability6sp1st semester
Einmahl, Uwe
Foundations of mathematics6sp2nd semester
Sioen, Mark
Associative algebra6sp1st semester
Jespers, E.
Algebraic topology6sp2nd semester
Shoykhet, Boris
Integrable Hamiltonian systems6sp1st semester
Hohloch, Sonja
Homological methods6sp2nd semester
Lowen, Wendy
Functional analysis6sp2nd semester
De Commer, Kenny
Field Arithmetic6sp1st semester
Becher, Karim Johannes

Specialisation courses

The student chooses 54 ECTS-credits from the list below.


Algebraic number theory6sp1st semester
Becher, Karim Johannes
Algebra Seminar3sp1st/2nd sem.
Becher, Karim Johannes
Algebras with involution6sp1st semester
Becher, Karim Johannes
Antwerp Summer University ALGAR: Algebra and Arithmetic3spBecher, Karim Johannes
Category theory6sp2nd semester
Agore, Ana
Hopf algebras and quantumgroups6sp2nd semester
Caenepeel, S.
Knot theory6sp2nd semester
Van den Bergh, Michel
Non-commutative algebra6sp2nd semester
Jespers, E.
Quadratic forms6sp2nd semester
Becher, Karim Johannes
Representation theory of algebras6sp2nd semester
Jespers, E.
Topics in number theory6sp2nd semester
Van den Bergh, Michel

Analysis, Differential Geometry and Applied Mathematics

Banach and C*-algebra6sp2nd semester
De Commer, Kenny
Differential equations and operators6sp2nd semester
Van Casteren, Jan
Finite difference methods and financial mathematics6sp1st semester
In't Hout, Karel
Symplectic geometry5sp2nd semester
Gutt, Simone
Advanced numerical methods6sp1st semester
Cuyt, Annie
Numerical Optimisation6sp1st semester
Vanroose, Wim
Analysis & Geometry Seminar I3sp1st/2nd sem.
Hohloch, Sonja
Analysis & Geometry Seminar II3sp1st/2nd sem.
Hohloch, Sonja
Selected topics in differential geometry and analysis6sp2nd semester
Hohloch, Sonja
Mestdag, Tom


Selected topics in topology6sp1st semester
Lowen, Bob
Categoric topology6sp2nd semester
Colebunders, Eva
Advanced topology6sp2nd semester
Lowen, Bob
Seminar Analysis and Topology6sp2nd semester
Sioen, Mark


Advanced Algebraic Topology6sp2nd semester
Shoykhet, Boris
Algebraic Geometry6sp1st semester
Le Bruyn, Lieven
Non-commutative geometry6sp2nd semester
Shoykhet, Boris
Permutation groups and incident geometry6sp2nd semester
Cara, P.


General theory of empirical processes6sp1st semester
Einmahl, Uwe
Advanced stochastic processes6sp1st semester
Van Casteren, Jan
Lévy processes and their applications6sp2nd semester
Kadankova, Tetyana
Time series analysis I6sp2nd semester
Hörmann, Siegfried


Academic Literacies for Scientists3sp1st semester
Van Hout, Tom
History of science and society6sp2nd semester
De Munck, Bert
Soens, Tim
Mathematical logic6sp2nd semester
Laenens, Els

Master thesis

Master thesis30sp2nd semester
NNB, -