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Nangamso Layiti (South Africa - University of Forth Hare)

Before coming to Antwerp I was so scared. Scared that I would meet people with a total different culture to that of mine. But the same day I arrived, I met friendly people whom I shared this great experience with. Antwerp is a nice city with friendly people who are always willing to help you and there is so much to do : from University events to events in the city and the bars.

It has been a great experience that has opened my mind about a lot of things,  I got to learn different cultures:I'm saying different cultures because I met people from other countries as well. The University is the best, academically and socially. And oh, I got to see snow for the first time in my life(which I think the picture says that much :) ) because we don't really get snow in South Africa, especially in my home town. I'm really out of words, It has been an awesome experience, I got to visit other countries as well: Germany, France and Netherlands. And also visited some cities in Belgium:Brugge,Leuven,Ghent,Brussels and Namur.