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Niccolò Marchiotto (Università degli studi di Verona)

“Erasmus is something everybody has to try”. This is what I heard from friends who had been on Erasmus exchange already and now I can say that they were definitely right.
This experience has changed me and my way of thinking because when I started I didn’t know anyone in Antwerp, but after just one day at the Dutch course I met people with whom I lived this experience until the end.
I had the possibility to learn about different cultures, and I can say that this opened up my mind. Antwerp is perfectly located so if you like to travel you have plenty of possibilities. I have visited cities and town in Belgium, Holland, Germany and France, sometimes alone, sometimes with my new friends.
Even if you don’t like to travel Antwerp can give you everything you need: a great university, culture, nightlife, sports, events…
I can truly say that I left my heart there. During these five months in Antwerp I took a lot of photographs that I hope speak better than my words.