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Living in Antwerp


  1. Central location in Belgium and in Europe
  2. Daily encounters with a fascinating heritage
  3. International living environment
  4. Centre of trade and tourism 
  5. City on a human scale, easy to get around
  6. Scintillating cultural life
  7. Green city and surrounding areas 
  8. Spacious sports facilities 
  9. Exquisite wining and dining
  10. The catwalk of Europe (Fashion, design and shopping) 

Renting a bicycle

Antwerp is a bike-friendly city. The distances are not too large, the bike lanes are flat and with the right gear, you can cycle all year round. 

Velo is Antwerp's metropolitan bike scheme, where you can pick up and drop off bicycles at various points whenever you like. The small bicycles have three speeds, anti-skid pedals and thick tires, so it’s easier to avoid the tram tracks. In order to ride Velo you have to register beforehand. You can buy an annual pass online or rent the bikes for shorter periods of time. The maximum time limit per trip four hours.

Fietshaven is located under Central Station. For 60 euro, they provide you with a seven-gear bike for the academic year. Reserve a bike and pick it up at the agreed time.