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Study advice

car Bachelors, Masters, bridging programmes, study progress control and learning accounts... is it all too much to take in? The higher education system is very complex but misunderstandings can have grave consequences for your university career. Pass by the Study Advice and Student Counselling Service as soon as you can - we will happily point you in the right direction!

Painting a clear picture of the higher education reforms and the new Bachelor-Master structure is no easy task, unfortunately. At the same time, it's important to stay up to speed and informed about all the options that are available to you. You can find loads of useful information on the University of Antwerp website, as well as in a whole range of brochures and publications. But maybe you still have a few questions? You can contact the Study Advice and Student Counselling Service with all your questions about higher education and the University of Antwerp. Here are just some of the questions which they can answer:

  • Which fields of study are taught at the University of Antwerp and at other institutions?
  • What is the difference between a professional Bachelor and an academic Bachelor?
  • Can I study part-time at the University of Antwerp?
  • Do I have to finish my studies within a given period of time?
  • What is a credit system?
  • What is an exam contract?
  • How does the procedure for recognising acquired competences work?
  • Can I get a pass for a module that I actually failed?
  • How do the Study and Examination Rules work?
  • What is study progress control?
  • How does the learning account system work?
  • How can I enrol without a secondary education diploma?

Contact a student counsellor if you have general questions about the previous topics.

Contact your faculty's study programme counsellor if you have a  specific question about your programme.