Available grants supported by the University of Antwerp

There are several grants available to fund your stay abroad or in some cases even in Belgium.

  • For a study, research or placement period in Europe you can apply for an Erasmus grant.
  • If you opt for an exchange within Belgium (Brussels and Wallonia), you are eligible for an Erasmus Belgica grant;
  • For destinations outside Europe, a travel grant from the University of Antwerp is available; a grant through the Priority Country Program, an ASEM-DUO grant, a generic grant, or a Washington Center grant;

You can find a more detailed explanation on the grant options in our information session ‘Beurzen (Dutch) or ‘Scholarships’ (English)

Other Grants

There are of course other, mostly external, scholarships available. A short overview can be found under the section opportunities.

Besides these scholarships you can also check out these websites for more options: