International student mobility creates opportunities to overcome barriers, improve international and intercultural competences and offers opportunities for social mobility and better career prospects in the future. 

At the UAntwerp we try to make it possible for all students to acquire international competences either by international mobility or by an international experience closer to home. 

Scholarship opportunities

Different scholarship opportunities are available to students for whom it would otherwise be difficult to fund an international mobility. 

  1. Students with a Study Allowance from the Flemish Government (Vlaamse Studietoelage) are entitled to extra funding via the following scholarship programmes:
    • Erasmus
    • Mobility grant outside of Europe
    • Participation in a group trip organised by your faculty
  2. Students who are recognised as a disadvantaged student by the Office for Student Affairs of UAntwerp can request extra funding for any kind of international experience, even in Belgium.
  3. Working students can request extra funding:
    • Erasmus
    • Mobility grant outside of Europe

Functional impairment

Of course, students with a functional impairment can also participate in international mobility. 

  • Do you have questions about the accessibility and support options of the international partner university? 

You will find a lot of information on the website of the host university. Do not hesitate to contact your care coordinator (disability officer) at the host university if you have any questions or to coordinate the support options. Your own care coordinator or your Erasmus coordinator can help you find the contact details of the care coordinator at your host university.

The procedure for obtaining a disability status depends on your host university. Ask in advance what you need to do to be able to use education and exam facilities. ​

  • Are you going on an exchange within Europe? Then be sure to take a look at the Inclusive Mobility platform. You will find information per educational institution about support for students with a functional impairment. 
  • Would you like to discuss your care needs? Don't hesitate to contact your care coordinator.
  • Financial support? Students can apply for extra funding under the Erasmus programme, students applying for a scholarship outside Europe can also get extra funding when your disability is recognised by VAPH.
  • Need a preparatory visit? When going on exchange via the Erasmus programme you can request extra funding to pay for this. You can use the visit to make arrangements for a number of practical matters such as accommodation, support for fellow students, support for daily activities, etc… 
  • Still in doubt: also check the testimonials of some students.

In addition to the classic semester exchanges, many faculties also offer other mobility options that might be more in line with your needs and expectations. Check with your faculty for all mobility options or internationalisation@home activities.