From Monday 21 until Friday 25 November 2022  

This year’s programme will feature five interconnected, two-hour sessions. The aim of the academy is to introduce the students to the topics of European inequalities, citizens participation, executive federalism, migration, and welfare.
Enrolled students and citizens will be able to attend all lectures or participate in individual lectures that are of interest to them. All lectures are free of charge.

Sessions will be comprised of two parts. The first part will include a lecture with a detailed presentation of the topic. In contrast, the second block will be dedicated to a discussion, critical debate or hands-on learning experience, following the principles of Problem Based Learning.

  • Organiser: Studio Europa Maastricht, Maastricht University
  • Course coordinator: Dr. Ivan Rubinić
  • Location: online via Zoom
  • Audience: open to all European citizens


  • November 21 | 16:00 CET - Welcome address
  • November 21 | 16:15 CET -  Session 1: The great lockdown and the sustainability of the European socioeconomic project
  • November 22 | 16:00 CET - Session 2: Executive federalism and politicisation in the European Union before and during COVID-19
  • November 23 | 16:00 CET - Session 3: The societal readiness to adopt digital health tools: the myths we tell ourselves and the people that should not be left behind
  • November 24 | 16:30 CET - Session 4: Real-world health data in the European Union
  • November 25 | 16:00 CET - Session 5: Migration and well-being: implications for attracting and retaining highly skilled migrants
  • November 25 | 18:00 CET - Closing remarks