Application requirements

Eligible applicants must be registered as a student in one of the universities in the YUFE Alliance and be at least in their second year of bachelor (master students are also eligible). If you are a first-year bachelor student, you can only apply in semester II of your first year to be eligible to begin the YUFE activities in your second year of bachelor. Furthermore, a minimum B2 level of English proficiency is required of applicants.
Since this year’s YUFE Student Journey is still a pilot programme, we can only allow 60 students from each YUFE university to apply.

Application steps

First you will have to create an account for the YUFE Virtual Campus ›. With this account you can apply for the YUFE Student Journey and later sign up for single YUFE activities.
With your application you will have to include a motivation letter.

When the application period is over, a selection committee will select the final 40 students per university based on their eligibility and motivation. Students selected for the YUFE Student Journey, will have four semesters to meet the requirements for the YUFE Student Journey Certificate or create their own learning path.

Motivation letter

Please keep in mind that the YUFE Selection Committee will use only your motivation letter for their selection. In order to provide some guidance regarding the letter of motivation, the YUFE Student Journey Selection Committee has generated a few prompts or topics that it would like to see you discuss in your letter. These topics or prompts represent matters that the selection committee sees as important aspects of being successful as a YUFE student. Even though academic excellence is something we value highly it is certainly not the only thing we are looking for in students wishing to participate in YUFE. You are encouraged to use examples or experiences from your own life when you deem them relevant to making a point to us. Also, feel free to use information from the YUFE website that you think is relevant but do not tell us things we already know.

Please deal with the questions below in your motivation letter by integrating maximum 150 words per question to formulate a response:

  1. What makes participation in YUFE important to you personally and what will you bring to YUFE?
  2. In which way do you think that the YUFE programme will alter your study experience? Give some specific examples of changes that you expect to happen.
  3. What are your plans after graduating from your university and how can YUFE be instrumental in letting these plans come to fruition?