16 May 2022  |  11:00 - 13:00 CET

How to turn vision into action? How to bring the most distant and ephemeral trait of branding into the brand loyalty that appeals to both, customers and public?
Working on six features of Vision delivered by Andy Mew (Essex Startups), Dr. Wojtkowski will dwell on vision implementation not as a step-by-step tutorial but as a roadmap that you follow to build emotions and feelings aligned to brand trust.
As a roadmap, you may pick the direction your innovation, startup, and business will follow. However, we will start with the organisation’s ‘Why’ to capture how vision translates into loyalty and value. 

  • Speaker: Łukasz Wojtkowski, PhD, Coordinator of Copernicus Startup Labs 
  • Target audience: the first hour will be open to the public and the second hour will be a workshop for YUFE students 
  • Language: English

Learn more about the speaker

Dr. Łukasz Wojtkowski is a Coordinator of Copernicus Startup Labs, an incubation and acceleration program that shapes NCU innovations into startups. He is also an assistant professor researching and teaching startups, brands and technology - human relations.

The YUFE Entrepreneurial Talks allow the participant to learn from the experience and advice of experts in a specific area of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. The talks are held monthly and organised by one of the YUFE universities. The entrepreneurial talks are composed of two parts: the first part is open to everyone and the second part is focused on YUFE students where they will be able to interact in a closer way with the speaker(s).